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You’re About To Discover An Awfully Simple-But-Powerful System That Can Do All The Coding Work For You And Create Toolbars For IE At The Push Of The Button!

Build a Toolbar Features:

  • Create Professional IE Toolbars In Seconds
  • Build an installer with the toolbar, ready to distribute to your customers
  • Included history eraser, delete all history tracks
  • Brand your toolbar: name, copyright, about text, logo image, and url
  • Built in favorites right in your toolbar
  • Build a custom search menu and allow your toolbar users to search your website
  • Link the search to any web page, even to your own website’s search feature
  • Use the default search menu option and let your users search Google or Yahoo
  • Display text links and advertising dynamically in your toolbar
  • Show rotating advertisments which can be dynamically updated from a webserver.
  • Ability to easily generate advertisement files for server side by using the built in ads and news builder application or you can even have the output from your website calendar fill the content for the ad file.

A key extra feature that you have ability to enable in your toolbars are:

  • History Eraser For IE
Net Living Inc (Joe Cooper)(Gary Huynh) [did also : Batch Keyword Cleaner , WordPress Top 10 Tricks , Wordpress Elite ]
Single User License
Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 (XP Recommended)
Money Back
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