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* Bookmark Base 2006/08 Software BookmarkBase Team US$19.95

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The Ultimate Bookmarks Synchronizer and Manager

When your bookmarks quantity overlaps a few hundreds - internal browser bookmarks managing routines fails to help. They are not able to quickly resort and cleanup bookmarks. Bookmark Base is a full-featured bookmark manager with a unique feature - it’s portable. It is designed to synchronize and carry bookmarks anywhere you want using USB drive or iPod. Of course, you can still use it on one PC. Bookmark Base can handle importing and exporting bookmarks from the following sources:

  • Internet Explorer (including v.7.0)
  • Mozilla Firefox (including v.2.0)
  • Mozilla SeaMonkey
  • Opera (including v.9)
  • K-Meleon
  • XBEL files

Bookmark Base can merge all bookmarks from above mentioned sources, remove duplicates, validate bookmarks for errors and export bookmarks to your beloved browser.

Bookmark Base features: synchronize bookmarks

We’re definetely sure that there’s no other bookmark managing tool more powerful than our Bookmark Base. Tell us if you know that one. Let’s see what does Bookmark Base to be so good:

- All popular Browsers supported: all versions of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Seamonkey, Internet Explorer (IE7 included), K-meleon and Opera. From Bookmark Base supports XBEL format!
- Simple bookmarks editor: you can change captions, URLs and descriptions for your bookmarks
- Fast embedded bookmarks checker: check all your bookmarks for validity instantly (bulk checker available in registered version only)
- Multiple bookmarks exporting abilities: to another browser, to file (currenty in development) or even to your beloved web bookmark storage (currenty in development)
- Security and privacy: your bookmarks are kept in one encrypted file and they are not transferred anywhere keeping your Internet findings in-house
- Absolute portability: there is no locking to certain PC. Bookmark Base was designed with portability in mind and it be transferred between computers without any restrictions (USB drive or iPod). It will leave no traces on any PC launched on.

Bookmark Base is a portable bookmark manager. You will never lose your hand-picked bookmarks!

BookmarkBase Team (Alexander Balabanov)
Single User License
Windows XP SP2, Windows MCE, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
Money Back
30 days
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