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Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program With Professional Tracking...

What features does Blue Dog have?

Blue Dog Affiliate is the seasoned FusionQuest affiliate tracking system, minus the UltraLinks affiliate linking technology. FusionQuest has operated continuously providing affiliate tracking since August 2000.

Here is a partial list of features:

  • Unlimited number of affiliates
  • Unlimited number of clicks
  • Easily communicate with your affiliates by sending personalized e-mails to all at one time using the Broadcast function.
  • Completely customize the look of your affiliate areas to match your website.
  • Automatically send a custom welcome letter, as well as automated follow-up e-mails that can be used as a beginner training course.
  • Set override commission rates for individual affiliates.
  • An unlimited number of commission tiers are supported.
  • Be part of the network and benefit from our pool of 48340 affiliates and let us forward payment from you to your affiliates each month.
  • Affiliates do not have to link to your home page, any page within your site (such as specific product pages) can be linked to directly by your affiliates.
  • Set the number of return days to any number up to 999 (the length of time the cookie will reside on a computer before expiring).
  • Pre-screen affiliates (optional).
  • Unlimited number of banners, text links and other creatives supported including Flash.
  • Delay affiliate credit until transaction clears.
  • Integrate affiliate software with a form to facilitate crediting an affiliate when sale is closed offline.
  • Display affiliate ID, Name and E-mail on your web site.
  • Easily capture the affiliate ID to pass to your own database for perpetual commissions.
  • Recurring commissions supported.
  • Fully integrates with PayPal IPN.

Loaded with features to make your program a success...

- 1. Customizable Affiliate Training Course - Very powerful! You can create a custom welcome letter that is sent to your affiliates when they join. In addition, you can create an entire training course that is sent out on any schedule that you want. There is no limit to the number of installments in the follow up autoresponder and no limit on the number of delay days. And you can have each e-mail personalized with the affiliate’s name. You can send the e-mail as HTML or as Plain Text. You can also insert the affiliate ID and the affiliate’s customized link anywhere you like.

- 2. Customizable Affiliate Stats Area - You have the option to upload a template that will be used to customize the look of your affiliate area to match your web-site.

- 3. The Affiliate Software Alternative - The FusionQuest system is completely web based. There is no need to hassle with installing or maintaining complicated software. Integration is generally as simple as cutting and pasting a snippet of HTML code. FusionQuest is the affiliate software alternative.

- 4. Access to Network of 48340 Affiliates - FusionQuest is optionally an affiliate network, giving you the advantage of a large base of affiliates to draw on that are ready to join your program.

- 5. Inclusion In the FusionQuest Directory - Once your program is up and running, you may choose to be part of the network and have it listed in the exclusive FusionQuest directory of available programs. This directory is the list of programs available for affiliates to join that is presented to the affiliate by clicking on a button when they log in to their account. Each listing allows an affiliate to join the program simply by clicking one button.

The FusionQuest Directory has a significant advantage over other rather large directories in that only currently active programs using the FusionQuest system are allowed to be listed. This means that our large network of affiliates is focused on a relatively narrow number of affiliate programs, providing a great boost to your program.

- 6. Optional Network Participation - You can choose to either be a part of the FusionQuest Network, or you can choose to be independent. Programs that are part of the network will display a button in the affiliate stats area that will allow the affiliate to review and join other programs in the network. If you choose to be independent, this button will not be displayed. However, your program will also not be listed in the programs available to join.

And, if you are part of the network, we pay your affiliates for you!

- 7. Promote Your Program Directly to Our Massive Network - Arguably one of the biggest advantages we offer over affiliate software is the fact that, if you have opted to be part of the network, we will send out an e-mail to the entire database of 48340 affiliates promoting your program. When you are all set and ready to grow, just send us the copy you would like to use to promote your program and we will include it in our periodic newsletter as a featured new merchant. Write your copy to sell you as an affiliate program, why should the affiliate join your program? Answer that question to the best of your ability. We can help on editing and wording if needed and will generally add an endorsement of some sort of our own to help draw attention. (Note: The newsletter is not sent to affiliates that are affiliates of only non-network merchants.)

- 8. Deep Linking - The FusionQuest system allows affiliates to link to any page within a merchant’s site through the system. This allows your affiliate to highlight a specific product of yours and drive traffic directly to the page that displays that product info.

- 9. Recurring Commissions - The FusionQuest system allows you to pay your affiliates a monthly recurring commission on subscription type sales. If you choose to use this option, then each month your affiliates will be credited a set amount automatically. This can go a long way toward differentiating your program.

- 10. Override Commissions - You have the ability to set specific commission levels for individual affiliates. This allows you to pay super affiliates a higher commission rate.

- 11. Backup Affiliates - Easily generate a text file containing a list of all your affiliates and their e-mail addresses that you can save as a backup.

- 12. Payment History - All payments generated through the system are saved in a database. The system will also tell you the amount paid to each affiliate year-to-date.

- 13. Broadcast Personalized E-mail to Affiliates - FusionQuest makes communication with your affiliates easy and personal. You can broadcast an e-mail to all of your affiliates at one time simply by clicking a button and you can have each e-mail personalized with the affiliate’s name. You can send the e-mail as HTML or as Plain Text. You can also insert the affiliate ID and the affiliate’s customized link anywhere you like.

- 14. Form Integration - The FusionQuest system allows you to integrate your affiliate tracking program with a form. The system will capture some identifying information of the individual filling out the form, such as their e-mail address, and store it in a database along with the associated affiliate. However, the affiliate will not be credited at this time. When the transaction clears, you can log in to your account and if you have affiliates awaiting credit, you will be notified. You will be able to enter the sale amount and credit the affiliate for the sale. This is another unique feature of the FusionQuest system that sets us apart.

- 15. Pay Flat Rate or as Percentage - You can pay your affiliates a percentage of the sale amount or you can pay them a specific amount for some action.

- 16. PayPal Integration - Integrates with PayPal Instant Payment Notification for seamless and highly dependable back end integration. Great for recurring commissions using PayPal subscriptions to automatically credit affiliates on actual payments made. Generates Mass Payment file for easy payment of your affiliates if you are paying your own affiliates. This is for your convenience, but is not required. You are in control of how your affiliates are paid.

- 17. Settable Return Days - You can set the amount of time that a visitor can return to your site and the affiliate will still get credit for the sale. The default is six months. Having the return days set at six months means that your affiliates will be credited for all transactions within six months of a visitor originally clicking on the affiliate’s link to your program — even if they never access your site through that link again.

- 18. Reliable Cookie Based Technology - The FusionQuest system utilizes state-of-the-art cookie technology to reliably track affiliate activity.

- 19. P3P Compliant - The FusionQuest system, in particular the cookies, are fully P3P compliant. It should be noted that IE will by default block third party cookies, such as those used with an affiliate tracking service, that don’t have a compact privacy policy in the HTTP header.

- 20. No Cheat Technology - Special technology has been implemented that is designed to prevent an affiliate from being credited for more than one click when the affiliate link is clicked multiple times by the same individual.

- 21. Settable Minimum Payout Threshold - The system enables you to specify a minimum amount an affiliate must earn before being paid.

- 22. Multi-Tier Payout Option - You may set up your account as a multi-tier program that pays a percentage of the commissions earned by an affiliate to the sponsoring affiliate(s). Your program can have as many tiers as you would like. There is no limit!

- 23. Pre-Screen Affiliates - You can require potential affiliates to apply for becoming an affiliate of your program. Instead of automatically allowing affiliates to join your program, this option will have them submit a more detailed application.

- 24. Accepts Unlimited Banners - The system accepts as many banner options as you would like to provide for your affiliates to use.

- 25. Provide Text Links - You can provide your affiliates with marketing copy that they can use on their web pages and in e-mails/newsletters. This is significant since text links tend to be more effective. Also, it will help your affiliates know what to say to promote your product.

- 26. Specify Landing Page - You can specify a specific landing page URL for each banner and text link. This means that you can allow your affiliates to promote a specific product and have their affiliate link take the customer to that page. You can also promote multiple web-sites using this feature.

- 27. Message to Affiliate - You can enter instructions or messages and suggestions to support your affiliate. These messages will always be displayed when the affiliate goes to the page to get their affiliate code.

- 28. e-Mail Notification - Provides the option of being notified by e-mail whenever an affiliate joins your program and/or whenever your program generates a lead/sale. Your affiliates are also given the option to be notified whenever their link has resulted in a lead/sale.

- 29. Unlimited Affiliates - There is no limit on the number of affiliates that your program can have. This is important to watch for when choosing a solution provider. Some have strict limits on the number of affiliates allowed.

- 30. Full Stats Provided - Keep tabs on how your program is doing. Log into your account and get a full display of all activity. Full stats also provided to affiliates. All stats are in real-time.

- 31. Customized Promo Page - You will have a customized page that summarizes your particular program that you can send prospective affiliates to. Affiliates can set up their FusionQuest account and join your program easily and quickly in one simple step right from that page.

- 32. Use HTML In Program Description - You can use HTML tags in your program description to highlight points and format it for easy reading.

- 33. Delete Affiliates - You are capable of deleting any affiliate from your program at any time.

- 34. Delayed Affiliate Credit - With the FusionQuest system, you have the option to delay crediting your affiliates until the transaction has cleared.

- 35. Custom Links Generated - The system generates the customized links needed for both you and your affiliates.

- 36. Edit Affiliate Accounts - You can easily edit any affiliates account in the event of a refund.

- 37. Tracking ID - The FusionQuest system allows you to look up an affiliate by tracking number for a specific transaction.

What is UltraLinks™?

UltraLinks™ from FusionQuest are affiliate links that are clean links. They have no redirection and no query string. They’re direct links to your home page (using your domain rather than the affiliate software solution provider) and are therefore links that can guarantee proper search engine link popularity. "So, what exactly is the pricing for Blue Dog Affiliate?"

  • Setup Fee: US$95
  • Monthly Fee: US$14.95

Optional Network Participation

If you want us to pay your affiliates and have your program promoted to 48340 FusionQuest network affiliates, you are free to do so. The commission rate is 17%. This would be a commission equal to 17% of whatever you pay your affiliates.

By participating in the network, we will help you obtain affiliates by 1) listing your program in the exclusive FusionQuest directory that affiliates regularly peruse for programs to join and 2) we will include an ad promoting your program in the newsletter that goes out to all affiliates that have opted in to the newsletter.

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