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You probably already know that Blogs are a great way to improve

  • Adsense Revenue
  • Affiliate Earnings
  • Page Rank
  • Search Engine Traffic is a PR10, this means that the search engines spider it at every chance they get, Blogger has a very good linking stratergy so your new blogs are all found easily.

Google spiders check Blogger more often than they do any other site, So your blogs will help get your sites indexed quickly, that means more visitors and visitors mean money, and we all love money.

What can you do with Blotto?

  • Create Blogger Blogs Fast
  • Use random templates, You can even make your own templates and use them.
  • Post relevant articles and snippets to your blogs
  • Remove tags
  • Remove the ’Spam" bar
  • Set your Blogs to be Private or include them in lists
  • Post links to your blogs with "Keyword Anchor text".
  • Post relevant articles and snippets to your blogs
  • Use Proxies while making, posting to or commenting on your blogs
  • Comment on your Blogs , this makes them appear more "real" and last longer

What Do I get for my Money?

- Passport - This tool helps you to make usernames, blog titles and Urls that look real and this means that your blogs will last longer.

- Blotto - Blotto Blog maker allows you to make blogs quickly and efficiently.

- Blotto Poster and Pinger - This desktop tool has so many benefits it is hard to list them all.

    • Auto delete Blogs that have been deleted by Blogger.
    • Keyword rich posts
    • Keyword anchor text for your links
    • Pick from a list of ping sites- that actually work
    • Shows how many blogs have been "captchad"

- Blotto Blog Commenter

  • Comments of your blogs help make them look more "Real" and this helps them last longer.
  • Comment on other peoples blogs with a keyword rich link and gain traffic from their hard work.
Force5 (Paul Forcey)(Stewart Alexander) [did also : Hubpages Explained , Squid[oo] Hub Searcher , Widgets Secrets , Blogger Wizard , Comment Hut Lite , Comment Hut Pro , AdSense Publisher ID Checker , Blottos Brother , Keyword Manipulator ]
Single User License
Win 98/XP SP2
Money Back
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