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Have You Been Struggling To Raise Your Internet Marketing Earnings Through Adsense and Affiliate Programs?

I use to be in the same boat as you are. I only started creating Adsense web sites around July 2005. I started using the free Dynamic Site Generator program (DSG) to put up Adsense web sites.

I created a few basic programs that helped me be able to put up a lot of DSG installs a day...the only problem I had was getting them indexed. Reading around on the usual forums I read about blog and ping.

Blog and Ping is still an excellent way to get your web sites indexed right now, though the "gurus" will tell you that it no longer works.

Creating Blogger blogs manually by hand is extremely time is the process in a nutshell:

  • Create Blogger Account
  • Create Blog
  • Edit Template
  • Edit 5 Pages of Settings
  • Save Data To a Text File
  • Repeat!

I practically fell asleep doing this same process everyday...So I decided to create a program to automate the creation of the Blogger blogs for me. This was great and I made over 200,000 Blogger blogs in a 3 month period. I was generating DSG sites like crazy to the point where I had 5 dedicated servers (currently 11)!

While Others Adsense Income Had Fallen, Mine Had Dramatically Shot Through The Roof In Only 3 Weeks!

The people that had started the same time as me the month before were still struggling, but my money was skyrocketing. I was back to generating my web sites again without having to worry about making Blogger blogs all day long.

Using my BloggerGenerator system you can get 10-20 pages from EACH DOMAIN indexed on within 2 days. updates faster than when a site is first getting indexed. After awhile, everything starts to even out and pulls ahead of in the number of pages indexed.

The search engine that BloggerGenerator works best for right now is Yahoo. MSN gets around 1000-2000 pages indexed in a month. Google is very random with blog and ping, but when it works you can get about 30,000+ pages indexed in 2 days.

So how does BloggerGenerator help YOU?
- Create blogs EXTREMELY fast, up to 15 blogs a minute just using one instance of the program. (You can open up multiple instances of the program for faster blog creation.)
- Automatically change the Blogger template from NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW to INDEX,FOLLOW. This tells the search engine spiders to INDEX the blog and FOLLOW the links on the page. This is what really helps with getting indexed by Google.
- Automatically remove the Blogger bar at the top of every blog so no one can flag your blog as a spam blog.
- Automatically modifies the best settings for Blogger blogs (optional):

    • Notify
    • Show 1 Day of Posts on the Front Page
    • Archive Posts Daily
    • Non-Public Blogger blog - this way no one can find your blog from the web site, you only want the search engine spiders to find it from pinging.

- Save the Blogger blog data in text or .CSV output automatically for immediate use in BlogPoster Pro and BlogPinger Pro programs, or for any other posting and pinging software that you use.
- Create your own templates for your Blogger blogs - You can make your Blogger blogs look like any type of web site and add your Google Adsense to them! Or you can add links to your own web sites - imagine 1000’s of backlinks to your sites from keyword-rich blogs with anchor text, using subdomains on PageRank 10 Use a proxy to mask your IP address.
- Create Blogger Usernames from a Keyword List, this helps make your blog more keyword dense.
- Create Blogger Blogs based on a Keyword List. Just load up your keyword list and the title and domain will be randomly selected from the list!
- Random Password Creation - This way your usernames won’t be tracked together by using the same password.
- Random Template Selection - 44 included templates with the program!
- Also included is a special version of my BlogPoster and BlogPinger programs that automatically removes deleted or CAPTCHA’d Blogger blogs - saving you LOADS of time.

Joseph Tierney
Single User License
Win 95/98/NT4/Me/2000/XP
Money Back
60 days
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