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Exploding Your Business with Blogging with Business Training Courses and Workshops

The home version of this 8 week workshop with blogging and business expert Dave Taylor and SEO expert Brad Fallon is the most comprehensive source of information on business blogging that’s available anywhere at any price! Better yet, you’ll learn everything you need to know to gain traffic, to become a recognized expert and to increase your sales. We guarantee it!

We’ll send you ten information-packed 60-75 minute lectures on audio CD that answer all of your most critical blogging issues, including:

- BLOGGING TOOLS: Confused with all the jargon and acronyms in the blogging space? You won’t be after this course...
- INCREASING VISIBILITY: Learn how you can use other people’s blogs to gain visibility... even before you have your own blog!
- WEBLOG CUSTOMIZATION: We’ll teach you how to customize the look of your weblog. Learn which tools to use, what they are capable of, and how to customize your blog to make you more money, faster
- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Discover how to optimize your weblog for the search engines one time so that every new page you create will automatically be ready to be spidered and be prominently placed in search engine results
- BLOG DIFFERENTIATION: You’ll learn why writing for the Blogosphere is different than creating a web page or writing a good article... and why it’s critical that you fully understand the difference...
- CONTENT SOURCING: We’ll teach you the secret of how to effectively find good content online that will keep your readers coming back for more... without ripping off content
- BLOG MONETIZATION: Let us show you how you can not only generate traffic and interest in your products and services, but how to monetize your blog... Plus we’ll reveal our secrets to producing thousands of dollars each month in Google AdSense revenue
- AND MORE...:Get your questions answered about blog design, SEO approach, and specifics about your particular business segment. Learn how to connect with other industry insiders who you’ve identified as important players... and more.

Intuitive Systems Inc (Dave Taylor) [did also : BlogSmart Amazing AdWords Results , BlogSmart Full Workshop & Coaching Calls , BlogSmart Growing Your Business with Google ]
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