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Get paid by adding permanent links to blog content. Improve the short term profitability of your content. Write on a BlogPostsForSale web site or publish on your blog.

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How much will bloggers be paid ?

Bloggers set their own prices. A minimum price of $20.00 is required and a $7.00 BPFS fee is applied to each link. So the potential profit per link is $13.00

How do I become a paid BPFS blogger

Join, and add links to blogs posts.

Do I have to provide a written review of the the websites I link to ?

Bloggers are only required to write interesting, useful content and include a paid link within that content.

Can I write on my own blog ?

Yes, you can write on your own blog or website.

What are the minimum requirements for a blog?

Blog Traffic. Quality content. The ability to write well. A preexisting blog. The older the blog, the better. We reserve the right to accept and deny blogs. Banned topics: Including sex, poker and gambling. Anything illegal.

What makes BPFS different from other programs ?

We focus on the long term generation of traffic and quality content.

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