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e-Publisher Solutions

If you aren’t part of a publisher network, you could be missing out on a significant amount of revenue. In the United States alone, 70 million Americans use the Internet each day in search of products, services or information.

- Why Choose Axill as Your Publisher Network? - Axill is one of the fastest growing publisher networks. Axill provides a complete solution for publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites by offering the best offers on the web and facilitates the publishers to keep track of their performance by providing online reporting. Axill works with publishers to improvise their performance by suggesting the suitable offers and programs based on the website content. The most convenient aspect with Axill is Daily Payouts. Your performance is realized on daily basis and you don’t have to wait for 30, 60 or 90 days for the payouts. Axill helps publishers earn more revenue on a pay-per-performance basis. Axill brings enormous scope for publishers to partner with hundreds of advertisers and access millions of ads. Axill has exclusive offers from advertisers which are not available with other publisher networks. Be a part of the successful network and experience the seriousness of business.

- Benefits

    • Daily Payouts
    • Pay Per Lead
    • Pay Per Performance
    • Pay Per Sale
    • Webmaster Resources
    • Webmasters

Axill also provides CPM and pays every 15 days via Money Bookers. Axill serves only clean and professional Ads.

e-Branding Solutions

Axill is redefining the branding online using 全trips by Axill’. These 全trips by Axill’, bearing the banners of the advertisers, are placed on the publisher sites. 全trips by Axill’ help the advertisers move beyond representing a brand to experience it. The e-branding of 全trips by Axill’ offers huge advantage over traditional mass media. The speed with which people can move from awareness to action on the Internet is the true differentiator and challenge for e-market.

- How different are 全trips by Axill’? - You are pasting ads provided by other exchanges where you are not aware how much you will get and when you will get. Where as Axill straight away pays you upfront for your inventory. So, you are assured of the payment even before you paste the ads. Axill has lead programs, sale programs that will pay you from 5 cents to $150. You will be paid every day once your traffic conversion exceeds minimum assured amount paid by Axill.

- Little Drops - As each little drop joins another to make a vast ocean, each impression contributes to generate huge traffic. For you, every impression can be a new potential customer. 全trips by Axill’ penetrate every corner of the numerous leisure sites such as community sites, technology sites and women specific sites to bring your ads more visibility. All these leisure sites offer enormous scope for impressions and thereby boost your traffic.

- What is 全trips by Axill’? - 全trips by Axill’ is an innovative idea of using potential inventory by helping you (the publisher) convert it into smart inventory. We buy the inventory in your website. We give you a two-line code to be placed in your site. The ads will be served according to the content of your website.

Axill Inc [did also : Axill e-Advertiser/e-Traffic ]
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