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Google Site Maps Generator for Search Engine Success. Put your Site on the Map Automatically!

AutoMapIt is a Google sitemap generator unlike any other sitemap creation service and a whole lot more! We offer a completely automated, "free or fee" membership-based service to keep all 6 of your site map formats up to date. Our spider never forgets to update them. We also offer a site search box that allows visitors to your website to locate the information they want, fast!

Sign up to activate your account and we will spider your website like the search engines do. We create your site maps in 6 different formats and upload them to your website... automatically! If you choose, our spider even notifies Google and Yahoo for you when your maps are updated. Our RSS sitemaps will display your latest content in your visitors RSS readers so they always know about your latest blog, article, and products.

Sign up to capture every new blog entry, every new item in your store, every new dictionary term you add. Every page you add to your site is added to your sitemap and the search database for your very own site search every time our spider crawls your website, automatically. These sitemaps help their specific search engines to spider deeper into your site and to pick up more of your pages faster than ever before.

You could add it to your Google sitemaps, Yahoo sitemap, RSS Sitemap, ROR sitemap, and your HTML site maps and then upload those files to your webserver manually. Or, Sign up for FREE AutoMapIt sitemap creation service once and publish new pages instead. Let AutoMapIt discover your newest pages and update your sitemaps automatically!

Never forget to make updates again! Our managed sitemap creation service is designed to take care of the automated tasks and to grow with the demand for new features. We offer more than your average Google sitemap generator.

How Auto Map It Works

The AutoMapIt spider is a custom-built web crawler designed to act like the spiders used by the major search engines. This enables us to see your website the way search engines do, but instead of keeping everything that we find about the pages we spider a secret, AutoMapIt shares our findings with you. The spider is setup to use all of the most restrictive rules from the different search engines in order to point out areas that may be a problem for you in getting indexed by the search engines. Your website and sitemaps are reviewed by a real, live human who can offer advice and try to help explain what may trip you up in your pursuit of SEO greatness. Once our spider has crawled your website, we create 4 static sitemap files tailored to meet the needs of different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and the general purpose HTML sitemap which covers all of the other search engines. Once these files are created, we upload them to your website if you wish, but it doesn’t stop there.

We continue to spider your website finding new files and dropping old files from our index. The newest sitemaps are uploaded on a regular basis, if you’d like, in order to ensure that you always have current and up to date information available when the search spiders come crawling. Every time we upload sitemaps, we notify Google and Yahoo that they were updated and where to find them. But it doesn’t stop here!

We go beyond the average sitemap tool and offer several additional tools to give you the competetive edge. New tools are added from time to time offering a unique look into what the search engines will find when they visit. Our Tweak Page allows you to easily customize individual pages and what gets reported on your sitemaps. There is so much more inside that you’ll just have to check it all out for yourself.

The first step is to sign up and create a new account. Once the account is setup successfully, you may login and begin setting up as many domains as you have with just one login. We make it easy for you to switch between domains allowing you to control the settings for your entire internet empire. By following the links in the main navigation, you may setup each portion of your account including the names of your sitemap files and where we should upload your sitemaps if you would like us to automate this each time we update them. Once you have your settings taken care of, you may click the "Activate Me!" button and we can evaluate your settings. After we activate your site, you’ll be on your way to sitemap nirvana!

Every website needs a sitemap. The problem is that once they are created, they usually don’t get updated often as your website grows. When this happens, you are creating new pages that may not get picked up by the search engines very quickly... eventually they might, but how long do you want to wait? With our service, your sitemap is automatically created and transfered to your site via FTP or you can choose to download the updates from our site. This amazing service places an actual HTML sitemap file on your server to be naturally search friendly. This service not only creates and places your HTML sitemap, we also create and place on your server a Google sitemap, a Yahoo sitemap, an OPML format site map, and the HTML version. That’s 4 sitemaps updated regularly on your server forever!

Our system automates every aspect of creating and publishing your sitemaps. These sitemaps are used by every search engine spider out there to scan everything on your site and pick up on all of your pages. Most sitemaps are old and outdated and never really show the fresh content on your website. This service solves all of that. Once your account is activated, we create these sitemaps in multiple formats for the maximum coverage of search engines. We do this automatically and allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Google Sitemaps, the key to successful Search Engine Placement

AutoMapIt has many unique features to offer you when you sign up for service. We not only deliver your Google site map, we also deliver your Yahoo site map, an RSS sitemap, a ROR sitemap and a comprehensive set of HTML sitemaps... directly to your server. We are adding new features to serve you even better.

  • Search Box - Place it on your website and allow your visitors to search your website.
  • Automatic updates - stay fresh, never lift a finger again.
  • Automatic Notification - We tell Google and Yahoo when your sitemaps are updated.
  • Tweak Page - per page, manual tweaks of your sitemap, include/exclude page.
  • Expert Support - Want more? Support is always a click away from helping you.
  • Multiple Domains - Manage them with a single login.
  • Download On Demand - Get your sitemaps when you need them, no FTP necessary.
  • WebBugs - Now you can list pages that can’t be spidered normally. Add an image and we can find it.
  • Number of links - You control how many links are placed on your HTML sitemap.
  • Advanced URL Filtering - More control over the URLs that get included (or not) than other sitemap tools.
  • Session ID Removal - Remove harmful sessionIDs from the URLs in your sitemaps automatically.
  • Personal Service - Every website is reviewed by a human to ensure that your sitemaps are correct.
  • SEO Tool (*) - Keyword densities, code:text ratio, site-wide keyword theming.
  • Broken Link checker (*) - Find out which links are broken on your pages.

Sitemaps are available in the following formats...

- Google Site Map
- Yahoo Site Map
- HTML Sitemap
- OPML ’Feed’ Site Map
- RSS Sitemap - RSS v2.0
- ROR Sitemap
- RSS Protocol

(*) Full access to some of our tools requires an upgraded membership. Everything else is available with a free membership as long as you use the HTML sitemap that we create or provide a link back to us from your homepage.

  • Sign up for our free, ad-supported service and take advantage of our complete sitemap solution! As long as you keep the ads we place in your HTML sitemap, you will have monthly spidering for FREE forever! This level of membership will spider and list up to 500 pages on your sitemaps.
  • If you require more frequent spidering, ad removal, or full access to our additional tools our rate is $10 per month for weekly spidering. This will suit most sites and works out as a happy medium setting. This upgrade also lifts the spidering limits from 500 pages up to 50,000 pages. There are no ads on the HTML sitemap with this plan.
  • For the more demanding tastes like power-bloggers, article repositories, quality link directories, and other frequently updated websites we offer daily spidering for $30 per month.
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