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Who Else Wants To Cash In On The Latest Way Of Rapidly Building Insanely Popular Content Sites?

Social Bookmarking sites are fast becoming all the rage. From blogging directories like Technorati to the more casual "hang outs" like, more and more people are using them to look for things of interest.

Lately, the Internet Marketing circle has found that these Social Bookmarking sites are fertile ground for finding new traffic and customers that normally wouldn’t search for specific things on a Search Engine.

This group of web surfers are more interested in the "what’s happening right now" scene, and so they go to these Social Bookmarking/Blogger sites because of the "tag and ping" element that posts new information instantly.

Now this is great news, and the perfect opportunity for marketers to get all their latest product news out fast. When you post something and "ping" these sites, your information is posted right away and the eager news hounds are right there to grab it.

And these people love finding things they can grab to look at, or listen to when its more convenient for them. So audio files tend to be a big hit among them.

The Point Of Getting Traffic To Your Audio Directory

Of course there should be a reason why you’d want to have your directory get high Page Rank and get bookmarked regularly that goes beyond simply just providing people with the latest audios available. You want to make money!

The idea is to get people to your site, let them listen to some great new audios, and while they’re listening, they can click on some relevant advertisements, right? Did you catch that little nuance??

On a regular article directory, the visitor has to spend the time reading the articles word for word, which doesn’t give them the ability to "rummage" around the rest of your site or your advertisements.

With an audio article directory, your visitors can click on a button to listen to an interesting clip and at the same time move around your site and read other things, like your AdSense ads, Affiliate links, banners, text ads, resale ads, you name it.

And statisically most people won’t just sit there listening. They will look around!

That’s an amazing opportunity for any marketer, whether they be a niche marketer, affiliate marketer, eBay marketer, direct ship marketer, or any other kind of marketer.

You’ll have visitors captivated while they listen to the audio recordings on your site with nothing else to do but look around.

Now You Can Be Among The Special Elite To Own Your Very Own Audio Directory

  • Audio Article Directory lets you set your categories and gives you the ability to monitor all incoming files. This helps you keep your directory naturally Search Engine friendly to increase your site’s relevancy and Page Rank.
  • Audio Article Directory has a built in "tag and ping" function that’ll send off every single audio file submitted to your directory and lead traffic back to your site within seconds. This would be like you watching 24/7 for every new audio to land in your directory and manually submitting the new page to the Search Engines. The only difference is that you won’t have to watch, and the Social Bookmarking sites will list your new posts immediately.
  • Audio Article Directory is automatically set to open every link in a new window so you never have to worry about visitors clicking on links and getting taken off your site. They’ll always come back to your site for more!
  • Audio Article Directory requires every author to register and log in before uploading their audio files. This gives you an unlimited number of opt-in clients added to your mailing list. And the best part is, you can email them all directly from your directory’s Admin page.
  • Audio Article Directory comes as a blank slate as far as categories go. You can plug in as many or as few as you want, and build an unlimited number of sub-categories to fine tune each main one. So you can sell your "Blue Rubber Ducks" and never worry about authors submitting audios about "Red Rubber Ducks."
  • Audio Article Directory lets you control the htaccess file so you can make your site private and let only your closest friends or fellow club members in.

Start Today And Have Hundreds Of Other People Sending You Their Audio Articles In No Time

So Lets Recap :
- Audio Article Directory, in some regards, is just like any other article directory. You have your main site page which is an index of all the audio files on your site with a link to them, the author’s name, and a written snippet of what each audio article is about.

- Audio Article Directory is set up to always open a link in a new window, so no matter where your visitors travel, they’ll always end up at your main directory page.

- Audio Article Directory requires registration for new authors who want to upload an audio file, so your list will build and build and build.

- Audio Article Directory, by its audio nature, allows your visitors the freedom to roam about your site, clicking on ads and other links while they listen to their chosen audio

- Audio Article Directory allows you to add any type of advertising. Even the new video ads by Google will feel right at home in your audio article directory. It works with any kind of javascript, allows you to add your own product banners (or anyone else’s that you might get commission for), ClickBank, Yahoo, MSN, Google, BetterTextAds, you name it!

Yes, you can even use Audio Article Directory to do a little Click Flipping, a kind of reverse AdSense marketing tactic.

- Audio Article Directory is great for

    • Article Marketing (of course)
    • Niche Marketing by allowing you to set as many or as few categories as you want.
    • Affiliate Marketing because it lets you place any advertising you want, anywhere you want.
    • Club Sites, Historical Sites, Intranet Sites and just about any other kind of site you can think of.

- Plus its perfect for

    • Driving incredible amounts of traffic to your sites
    • Increasing your site’s Page Rank just by the sheer volume of freshly updated, new audio articles being submitted every single day.
    • Continuously keeping your site at the top of all the Social Bookmarking sites with its auto "tag and ping" feature.
    • And because its 100% RSS ready, thousands of people can tune in to listen to your audio files from any reader, mobile phone, or iPod.

Did Someone Mention PLR articles?

Let’s see a show of hands from everyone who’s bought thousands of Private Label Rights articles.

It was a great idea at the time, until someone mentioned that the Search Engines are penalizing sites that are full of duplicate content.

But what if you took all those PLR articles in text format and changed them into audio format?

Rather than spending hours manually changing the wording of all those articles so they’re unique, why not make them special by recording them into audio files and uploading them to your own Audio Article Directory?

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