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Here’s a sneak peek at what you’re going to learn when you sign up for the Auction Genius Course©:

The six words that will solve almost all of your "so-called" marketing problems on eBay? (Master this and you’re on your way.)

Learn about the free tool that will help you impress buyers with what a great deal they’re getting on your merchandise (We’ve never seen a single other seller use this simple, yet powerful strategy and we can’t figure out why not.)

Do you know why the classic advice, "Go to garage sales and flea markets" is dreadful advice (unless you want an eBay hobby, instead of an eBay business?)

See a product you’d like to sell - but can’t figure out where to get it? We’ve got ideas about that. (We can’t promise you’ll find every product you’re looking for, but you’ll find a lot of them.)

Do you know how to find hundreds - even thousands - of wholesalers and how to get them sending product information to YOU (so you never need another "wholesale list" again)?

There is a simple four letter word (no, not that kind of word!) that is the difference between success and failure. Professionals do it. Amateurs don’t. We will teach you how.

Would you like to know how to find find merchandise to sell - for free?

Would you like to know some systematic ways to find antiques and collectibles to sell on eBay (rather than the hit-and-miss garage sale/flea market route? Yes, you might find a great treasure - but what if you don’t?)

Would you like to learn a merchandising method that is as easy as drop shipping - but much more profitable?

Do you know one of the greatest sources of products and contacts on the planet is most likely free at a library near you? (No, it isn’t the Thomas Register!)

Can ANYBODY Build A Profitable eBay Business?

Yes and no.

  • You don’t need lots of money
  • If you can turn on your computer and read this page, then you have enough computer skills to have an eBay business
  • You don’t need a college degree
  • You don’t need to be a great writer
  • You don’t need years of business experience

What you DO need is an unstoppable determination. Do you have that? Only you have the answer to this important question.

  • Are you are willing to follow the steps we teach you?
  • Are you are willing to work, because there "ain’t no free lunch"?
  • Are you willing to limit your risk by starting small and then expanding?
  • Are you willing to make some mistakes? (It is certain that there will be some, in spite of expert guidance. The question is - will you learn from them?)

The truth is: no one is stopping you. There are thousands of "ordinary" people making money with auctions. It’s up to YOU and lots of people are scared by that. These days it’s really popular to be a victim and blame everything on outside forces, but that’s just not true. If you want this, you can have it. It’s 100% up to you.

Here is some of the silly stuff we’ve heard about eBay ...


- Getting Started In Auctions:

    • How to create the Auction Success Mindset.
    • The critical difference between outcomes and problems.
    • The surest guarantee of auction success.
    • The two most necessary qualities for a lucrative business.
    • The inverse relationship between time and money.
    • Meet two famous authors who will help you build your business.
    • Don’t be overwhelmed: breaking your business into "steps".

- Setting Up Your Business:

    • Do I need to incorporate?
    • What about a business license?
    • What kind of tax permits do I need to get, if any?
    • Why your mailing address matters.
    • What is a DBA and do I need one?
    • How to present yourself as a professional.
    • Kids are wonderful, but ...

- Understanding What To Do - Before You Do It!

    • How do I know which category suits my treasures?
    • The one who has the most sales is the best - right? (not necessarily!)
    • Keywords and your sales success.
    • Understanding "Backwards" marketing and why you don"t want to do it.
    • Learn the two basic auction strategies.
    • Finding "hot" links.
    • How to set up lots of profitable streams of income (then repeat, repeat, repeat).

- Auctions Are NOT Gambling, Hoping Or Praying For Good Luck:

    • Why most auction sellers have a "hobby" instead of a "business".
    • Learn the Universal Business Principle that can save you months (or years) of struggling.
    • Learn how to predict in advance what will happen with your auctions.
    • Understand how to decide if "dutch" auctions or single item auctions will be more profitable.
    • Should you use a reserve auction format?
    • Meet the mythical "average seller" - and outdo him!
    • How to avoid jumping to hazardous (and expensive) conclusions.
    • Know how to reassure your buyer.
    • See a Power Seller in action - what he does right (and wrong).

- What Most Sellers Don’t Understand (Including Power Sellers!):

    • Understand the #1 Rule in auction success (everything else is w-a-y down the list.
    • Unleashing the power of demand.
    • The two basic auction strategies.
    • Acquaint yourself with the Misery Model (so that you can avoid it!).
    • Learn the 2 main reasons people buy on eBay.
    • Why you don’t need to worry about competition?
    • Analysis of 2 sellers - why things aren’t always what they seem.

- How To Find Lots Of New Consumer Goodies To Sell:

    • 3 main categories of items sold on eBay and the pros and cons of each method.
    • Start "The Flood"
    • 2 word secret (numbers game).
    • How wholesalers and closeouts “work”.
    • How to identify “real” closeout and wholesale dealers from the fakes.
    • How to use local dealers.
    • How do I find trade magazines?
    • Understanding closeout auctions.
    • Make money from Asia.
    • What are "reps" and why would they be interested in me?
    • How can I find a particular product I’d like to sell?
    • Where is a free source of thousands of manufacturers?
    • What are the two very best product sources (that most folks never, ever use)
    • See our 50 page online catalog.
    • Government auctions & the $500 Mercedes: myth or fact?
    • Wholesale directories and more wholesale directories.

- Other Products To Sell:

    • What do I sell if I don’t have any money for inventory?
    • Yes, you can sell digital products - IF you know what you’re doing.
    • Selling affiliate products on eBay.
    • Products you can create for yourself.

- The Secrets Of Power Listings, Part 1:

    • Understand the one and only purpose of your listing title or headline.
    • Understand the five key elements of titles and see actual examples.
    • Learn one thing that almost no sellers do (including Power Sellers) that vastly increases the possibility of a sale.
    • See why spending a few extra cents might make you lots of extra dollars.
    • Learn one feature of your auction that always needs to be hidden.
    • Figure out how to claim expertise in almost any circumstance.
    • Notice the two best ways to write money generating power listings.

- The Secrets Of Power Listings, Part 2:

    • Follow the "6 line" rule.
    • Overcome the biggest weakness of internet sales .
    • The power of fantasy in your auction business.
    • Why you need bullets, even if you don’t have a gun.
    • The power of "pain" and "pleasure".
    • Keep your Egometer in check.
    • Learn to use embedded commands.
    • When almost unbelievable claims work well.
    • Repetition, repetion, repetion.

- Throwing In The Juice - HTML And Pictures:

    • Avoiding the dead zone between inviting and "cutesy".
    • Templates: the Power Seller’s best friend.
    • Three ways to find pictures.
    • The value of picture editing software.
    • Why to aim for beauty and clarify.
    • Can you offer a guarantee?

- Becoming A Power Seller:

    • Take sides in the most controversial issue on auction boards.
    • Should you ever leave negative feedback?
    • Increase profits with easy-to-create "upsells".
    • Use galleries as a sales tool.
    • How to stand out among hundreds - or thousands - of pages of items.
    • The power of "combining" items.
    • Dramatic claims = lots more profit without extra time.
    • How to establish value.
    • How to profit from an ID like "yourlastdiet".
    • The power of links, and how to use them.
    • Creating your own logo.

- Power Writing Techniques:

    • “Lose 75 pounds in a month”?
    • Embedded commands
    • The power of emotion, emotion and more emotion
    • What is "upselling" and why should I care?
    • Inserts: your golden opportunity for more sales at no extra cost.
    • Don’t just accept negative feedback.
    • How to encourage multiple sales.
    • A good way to RUIN your eBay business.
    • Ask "YES" questions. Motivational "triggers" - know ’em, use ’em.
    • Use stories, power words and interest boosters (but not too many at once).
    • Build rapport with your customer.
    • Sometimes, breaking the "rules" pays off.
    • Templates: a seller’s best listing friend.

- Advanced Strategies For Super Sellers Only (this is exclusive information available only to students of the Auction Genius Course):

    • Are you certain that you want to be a power seller?
    • The case for multiple IDs.99% of eBay sellers have never thought of this and never will.
    • How to make $1000 for 2 hours work.
    • Create an autopilot system that (almost) runs itself.
    • Permission marketing, auction-style.
    • How to make money by giving away goodies.
    • How to remain sane with hundreds or thousands of customers.
    • "Sequential" freebies as expertise.
    • Why YOU won’t want to talk about this, either.

16 hours of live classes taught on your computer

The complete 8 week, 16 hour live and personalized course!

This is the famous business building course that takes you by the hand and walks you through, step by step, so that you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to build your own eBay business empire. Get the personal attention you need. $997 (financing available)

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