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Want to Make More Money with your Website?

Then take advantage of the rising popularity of Online Auctions with Auction Affiliate. Add an additional layer of monetization to your website or blog by earning commission from eBay. Auction Affiliate makes it dead simple for you to insert topically-relevant eBay auctions into your websites or blogs using our pre-made javascript templates.

With Auction Affiliate You Can:

  • Quickly generate 1 or 100 or any number of ads based on live ebay auctions, and insert them quickly into your website or blog.
  • Display only the specific auctions you want on your sites.
  • Easily format your ads to blend into the layout and color scheme of your sites using ad styles your visitors are accustomed to seeing and responding to.
  • Use YOUR eBay affiliate ID, so you get 100% of the commission paid by eBay for any sale that you generate.

Here Are A Few Ways To Use Auction Affiliate Ads

- Add auctions to your Wordpress blog sidebar

- Add auctions to your Wordpress blog header

- Add auctions to your individual blog post

- Add auctions to your website pages/template

- Add auctions to your Forum template

- Add auctions to your scuttlePLUS bookmark site

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