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AssocTRAC 4.0 is a complete affiliate management solution that enables online businesses of any size to easily start and run their own affiliate program.

AssocTRAC is easily integrated with most ordering systems and shopping carts, and is the exact same system we here at the Internet Marketing

Remember: YOU are in control!

What’s one thing that most entrepreneurs have in common?

They like to be "at the helm" of their business, and they DON’T like the idea of someone else determining how successful they will be!

Unfortunately, almost every affiliate management solution out there asks you to "give up" control of your affiliate program and your business by letting THEM collect all your traffic, and by letting THEM ’own’ your affiliates.

Not AssocTRAC! The whole reason why I spent $248,000 building this program in the first place was so that I could remain in complete control of my own business, and I am offering nothing less to my own customers and subscribers.

When you use AssocTRAC:

  • You are in control of your affiliate links. (The links your affiliates use to promote your products always point to *your* URL, not ours! This means that *your* site enjoys the extra traffic and that all those hard-earned link are pointing to *your* site!)
  • You are in control of your database. (You can see the name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, etc., for every single one of your affiliates at any time. You can even export this information to your own computer, print it out, whatever!)
  • You are in control of your future. (If you ever decide that AssocTRAC isn’t fitting your needs, you are free to move your entire affiliate program off of the system. We make it easy and hassle free, and since *you* own your affiliates, we can’t stop you!)

Expert support ALWAYS available!

Even though AssocTRAC is by far the easiest affiliate management solution available, we know that you’ll have questions. And that’s why we’re committed to providing an outstanding level of help and support to everyone who chooses AssocTRAC for their business.

Since we’ve personally been using AssocTRAC for over 5 years to manage our own affiliate program (currently 70,000+ members strong) — and helped 100’s of people just like you get it set up and working for THEIR businesses — I’m confident we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have!

We provide you with:

  • A fully searchable archive of comprehensive online help. This will be your best source for answers to your questions about using AssocTRAC. All the features of the program (50+ topics) are explained in plain english (complete with pictures!) to make sure that you are completely comfortable with every aspect of the software.
  • A comprehensive implementation guide. Getting started is a MAJOR headache with many other affiliate management programs, but AssocTRAC makes the process simple and headache-free! A step-by-step walkthrough will have your affiliate program up and running in about a day!
  • Streaming video tutorials. Watch and learn everything you need to know about running your affiliate program with this series of online video tutorials that will show you how to add new affiliates to your program, how to search through sales that your affiliates have made (showing WHICH affiliates are making you the most money) and much more!
  • Chat with highly-trained support agents. Can’t find the answer you need in the online help or videos? Get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technical support representatives! They’re available to chat with you 5 days a week, and they *love* talking about AssocTRAC!
  • Submit a support ticket. You can also submit a support ticket to us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll get back to you promptly, and most questions can be resolved almost immediately. (You can also also search our "Support Center" to see if we’ve already posted an answer to your question!)

AssoTRAC Payment Plan :

  • 1 payment of US$677.00
  • 4 payments of US$169.25 plus US$47.00 per month hosting
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