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If you could build a ban-proof web site in 30 minutes that made at least $5 per day, how many sites would you build?

  • Do you have web sites that need real content?
  • Could you use professionally written exclusive & original exact keyword phrase optimized articles?
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FACT: Google, Yahoo and MSN are banning web sites in record numbers. Human quality control reviewers are wiping out entire networks and even putting some online marketers out of business!

The year is 2006 and Google, Yahoo and MSN are blacklisting garbage content sites faster than button pushing SEO’s can build them. Garbage content just doesn’t cut it anymore. Hundreds of "quality control experts" are performing web searches and banning entire web sites at the push of a button. They’re taking pleasure in removing thousands of junk pages from their ever growing bloated indexes. There is only so much room on their servers and hard drives, something’s gotta give and the junk is the first to go.

And I’m not talking about a PENALTY, or drop in ranking - the search engines are aggressively removing complete sites from their indexes. Then they follow the trail and wipe out entire networks of cross-linked sites! Boom! Any trace of spamliness on a web site and NO more free search engine traffic!

If you want your web pages to rank in the top ten for high traffic big payout keywords and STAY THERE, you need real valuable unique content that isn’t going to get banned. The marketplace is demanding real content!

Introducing the Article Underground Content & Traffic System!!!
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Michael Liebner (Michael Liebner) [did also : Article Underground Phase 3 , Article Underground Mega Article Packs , Article Underground ]
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