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Article Pro Software Will Absolutely Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Website Promotion By Over 1875% While Saving Valuable Time... 100% Guaranteed!

Why 1875%? Simple. Most article submission tools submit the same article to every site in their list. Article Pro Software automatically submits a unique article to every publisher in it’s list. That means you won’t be hit by the duplicate content penalty. Through testing, it has been proven that about 300 inbound links shrink to about 16 or 17 as they disappear into the "similar results" list. That’s an 1875% increase in effectiveness if you can submit unique articles like the Article Pro Software is tailored to do!

Compared To Other Article Submission Product’s Article Pro Software doesn’t rewrite your article in any way. You won’t have gibberish submitted under your name like other article submission tools. There is no word substitution. There are no meaningless header, middle and footer paragraphs added. Article Pro Software makes articles unique and it won’t embarrass you when you see your article in print like some other tools will! Article Pro Software really is an outstanding article marketing tool that will skyrocket your internet marketing promotion of your site.

Article Pro Software also comes stock with a built in list of literally thousands of publishers right out of the box so you can start getting more internet traffic to your Website today! Later, you can add your own list of publishers very quickly too! Do you know of any other article submission software providing these awesome features?!

Most people like a guarantee before they order software. Most companies place the guarantee further down in a letter like this, but I stand by my product so much that I want to go over my guarantee right up front.

Here Is A Summary Of The Benefits You Receive

- Easy to use - Only one simple form to fill out! Saves valuable time

- Comes with a built in list containing thousands of publishers, ezines, newsletters, and article directories - You can start submitting articles today!

- Automatically creates unique article content - Avoids being detected by Duplicate Content Filters, improves traffic, back links, and ranking. Increases your site promotion by over 1875%!!

- Submits your articles to relevant sites based on your topic - Zero’s in on your targeted traffic, and protects from spamming every publisher with each article campaign you submit

- Internal publication list is always updated - Publishers, ezines, and directories come and go. You will always have the lastest updated list

- Easily add your own external list of publishers, ezines, newsletters, and directories anytime - Add as many as you want, have a list for each article topic, now you can submit to even thousands of more publishers

- Nine simple video instructions show you how to use Article Pro Software - You get to watch over my shoulder as I work on my computer instructing you how to use and maximize your article submissions with Article Pro Software

- Instant download - You have immediate access to the software after you verify your purchase

- Extra bonuses for your benefit - We have included many extra article submission sites, reports, and resources to add even more value to your purchase

- Follow up email program with extra tips and advise - Periodic emails sent directly to you over the next few weeks after your purchase. Including insider tips and advice to help you with Article Pro Software, and help promote your article submission campaigns

In summary, this is what you get:

  • You get an amazing article submission software program that creates more traffic, more inbound links, higher search engine rankings, and can generate more sales
  • You get this awesome article marketing tool that has the 1875% increase in productivity feature built in!
  • You get software that already knows how to submit to thousands of sites and thousands of newsletters, so you can do an article submission today!
  • You get software that comes with a ’built in’ internal list of thousands of "Real Publishers"!
  • You get to add your own external list of sites and newsletters easily!
  • You get 8 weeks, RISK FREE!, to use it and submit as many articles as you want and still get a refund if you don’t like it!
  • You get simple video instructions to show you and teach you how to use the software
  • You get follow up email support with tips and advice
  • You get all this for a fraction of the price!
Craig S. Andrews [did also : ArticlePro Software ]
Internet Explorer 5.0+
Single User License
Win 2000/XP
Money Back
56 days
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