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You can now run an article submission site that gets other people to submit articles, which builds thousands of Google AdSense revenue generating pages without you lifting a finger.

Think about it-if you get 50 people submitting an article to you a day, after 100 days you have 50,000 articles, with Google ads on each one... Finally! A way to quickly and easily make thousands of high content Adsense revenue generation page all while letting others do all the work!

Here’s What All You Get In The Script

  • Absolutely everything you need to run your own turnkey article web site.
  • A fully functional administrative backend to keep track of all your users and articles!
  • Easy-to-use functions that let you e-mail all your users.
Reed Floren [did also : Article Directory Generator , Article Directory Generator Resale Rights , The RSS Announcer System , The RSS Announcer System + Resale Rights , Article Directory Generator ]
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