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As a Charter Member of ASB, you will enjoy such Amazing Benefits as...

  • Unlimited use of our Amazing SiteBuilder Page creation software, that...
  • Builds unlimited pages from Keyword lists "Dynamically", on the fly (this means there is NO uploading of pages. You simply run through the simple to use Desktop Admin panel, add your keyword lists, and click a button, and your site is INSTANTLY online and ready for the Search Engine Spiders and the rest of the world to see! And this ALSO make updating your sites just as quick and easy! Just make your change on your template or in the settings, and click a button! Your site is instantly Updated!)
  • Your choice of self refreshing Search Engine Results from either Google, Yahoo, or both (these SERPS refresh on a schedule that YOU set up. And you can decide how many (If Any) you want displayed, whether or not you want the links in those SERPS to be clickable, or have No-Follow tags, or just not be there at all. YOU are in complete control)
  • Your choice to add as many (or no) RSS feeds as you like to be posted and refreshed on your pages on the schedule you set (these also have the same customizable link choices listed above for the SERPs)
  • The choice to quickly and easily set up Categories for sub-niching your keyword lists into more targeted sub lists, making navigation a breeze for your visitors (AND the Search Engines)
  • Unlimited use of our own Amazing Proprietary Keyword Research tool that researches and compiles, then saves your keyword results into sub-niched categories ready to input directly into the ASB software. (It even names the categories for you)
  • A very intuitive and easy to use, built in Template Creator, so ALL your sites will be unique without the trouble that most other page creation software entails.
  • The ability to Automatically "Grow" your site on a schedule you set up
  • The ability to break up your page links into up to three separate sub-lists per page.
  • And many other incredible functions, too numerous to mention here!

But That’s Not All! You’ll also enjoy...

  • Unlimited use of Article Automator (our renowned Content builder software, with access to Hundreds of Thousands of Articles and Millions of newsfeeds and SERPS)
  • Unlimited use of Traffic on Steroids (The Software that powers Millions of Webpages today, making sure they contain fresh content, and on a schedule that YOU decide on)
  • Unlimited use of the famous Auto-Blogger membership site (the most Popular Blog administration software on the net today, keeping Tens of Thousands of Blogs updated regularly, in a hands free ’Set It and Forget It’ environment)
  • Unlimited use of our Proprietary Blog Hosting service (where you can create as many blogs as you like, and customize them anyway you like. And then have them post to my server as a sub-domain of, OR post directly to (and Ping From) your own domains flawlessly, and without ANY installation at all!)
  • Unlimited access to our Adsense/Traffic Generation specific Forum (where ALL our members can gather to discuss new and tested techniques you can use to help dramatically boost your profits)
  • Unlimited access to our monthly Tele-Seminars (where we will train you in the techniques that we’ve found to work best with all our software, as well as the advice of special expert guests who will also give you the benefit of THEIR experience)
  • Discount admission to our planned Bi-Annual SEO Adsense conferences (one is planned to be held in Las Vegas each year on the same week as Carl Galletti’s Internet Marketing Super Conference so you can attend both great conferences at once and learn everything you need to know to be Ultra Successful)
Len Thurmond (Len Thurmond)(Carl Galletti) [did also : AmazingSiteBuilder , AutoBlogger Gold , AutoBlogger Platinum , Article Automator ]
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