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Secret Black Hat Seo Techniques

The only e book without filler material that gives you stright to the point examples that you can emulate!

What is Black Hat?

Techniques known as dirty tricks, using techniques that are typically banned or prohibited by the search engines, blogs etc...

What’s the big fat deal?

The reason I say this is because you have "white hats" going around who typically use old dated marketing methods and will tell you they work when in fact they are dismal in getting any real concrete results. Such promoters of these techniques are fooling themselves.

These guys are so intoxicated with ego juice they will try and discourage anyone truly seeking to make substantial profits by using anything black hat. This is where they err, and this is where you should make your own mind up about what techniques you should be using. Why use technique A if technique B gets faster and bigger results? Use your own discretion.

Why black hat is the way to go...

Have you ever made $2,000 in just 2 days? What about receiving residual checks every month from just 10 minutes of work? If you haven’t you definately should try black hat methods. They are the only methods that will get fast, quick results. The techniques are result driven if you actually take the time to implement them correctly. It all boils down to whether or not you want to see results. Quick question... Are you currently seeing any real results?

Why are you online?

Many still argue that by using black hat methods they’re risking their online reputation and good standing in the marketing community. My answer to that is... So?

Are you here to impress others and gain approval from losers who are still trying to make money online or do you actually want to DO IT? I don’t know about you but I’m not here to waste my time gaining approval from anybody. If they aren’t making 10K per week or haven’t retired yet from internet marketing I don’t want to hear what they have to say at all.

Either you want to make large amounts of money or you want to play internet monopoly with your fellow marketer and get your ego stroked. Which is it gonna be?

I made my decision a long time ago and I haven’t had a job in over 2 yrs!

What are the risks?

In anything you do there will always be risks. I hear lots of people talk down black hat methods because you’ll get banned by Google. But what they fail to mention is white hats are being banned as well (and they played by the rules!) Google is constantly changing their requirements and constantly changing their terms of service. You could be banned tommorow because Google decided they want to change something again. If you don’t take risks you will never know just what that risk might have wrought you in profit. The search engines owe you nothing and neither do you owe them anything. Put on your black hat and flaunt it!

Anthony Tomei
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