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Affiliate Trail
Highly featured Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate Trail is a highly advanced affiliate tracking software enabling you to very easily set up and manage your own affiliate program for your online business. Our fully automated and flexible software allows you to attract, communicate with, and reward affiliates who help grow your business.

If you want to start an affiliate program for your web site, Affiliate Trail is the perfect choice with its unequalled features, ease of use and scalability.

Why Use Affiliate Software?

Managing hundreds, maybe thousands of affiliates and sub affiliates would be a nightmare if you had to perform the task manually. There are new affiliate sign-ups to process, unique ID’s to create, stats to track, ad campaigns to develop, sales to monitor, affiliates to pay and much more. It makes far more sense to let a single piece of software do the job for you.

Affiliate Trail automates the whole process from processing new sign-ups right through to generating pay-out reports for your affiliates.

With Affiliate Trail you retain 100% control. You choose to pay your affiliates per sale, per lead, or even on the number of click-throughs they send you. You have the ability to manually or automatically approve affiliates and all transactions.

Affiliates can get a fixed commission or a percentage of each sale and with Affiliate Trails built-in fraud prevention systems, you can be sure that your affiliates cannot misuse your program and generate false clicks or sales. Using Affiliate Trail, your affiliates can promote your products and services via email, graphic banners, text links, Flash banners or even customized HTML banners, which enables you to use forms or JavaScript snippets in your advertising.

Affiliate Trail tracks the number of times the banner or link is displayed, the number of visitors who followed the link and finally the purchases made. It also keeps track of commissions earned by affiliates and allows various types of payout methods.

Why Affiliate Trail Is the best solution?
- With Affiliate Trail you can start your own affiliate program in minutes
- Affiliate Trail is fully customisable
- Affiliate Trail will drastically increase your link popularity
- Affiliate Trail provides real time reporting
- Unparalleled set of features
- No setup fees and no monthly charges
- Lifetime email technical support
- No risk! 30 day money back guarantee

Pricing Plans

- There are 3 great ways to purchase Affiliate Trail™

    • Option 1 - Buy the software and install / integrate it yourself Software Only Option
    • Option 2 - Have us install and integrate it for you on your server Installed & Integrated Option
    • Option 3 - We can host it remotely for you on our servers

  • Software Only - Promotion price US$97 - If you’re familiar with setting up mySQL databases, have knowledge of HTML and are confident that you can integrate the software with your shopping cart or payment gateway this is the option for you. IMPORTANT: Whilst we provide an installation guide and shopping cart integration pages to assist you, we do not provide email support relating to installation or integration. If you are not confident you can do this yourself you should choose our Installed & Integrated Option.

  • Server Installation - If setting up mySQL databases and integrating with shopping carts and payment gateways all sounds a bit too daunting this is the option for you. Our fully experienced technical staff will take care of installation with your mySQL database and integration with your shopping cart for a one-off fee of just US$297 (Normally US$397).

  • Hosted Solution - If you’re looking for a hosted solution for your affiliate program this is the option for you. Our fully experienced UK based technical staff will set-up a hosting account and install a single copy of Affiliate Trail licensed for your use on our ultra fast servers. All you have to do is insert a small snippet of code in your shopping cart or payment gateway page, set-up your affiliate campaigns and make sure your website affiliate sign up link is directed to our sign-up page. Accounts come with a huge 1Gb of monthly bandwidth as standard. The cost for this solution is a one-off fee US$147 set-up and US$47 per month (Approx £77 set-up and £25 per month).

Sky Rocket Your Online Sales with Affiliate Trail
Multi tier affiliate tracking software from just $47

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