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How to Start & Promote Your Own WILDLY Successful Affiliate Program... without the cost and complexity of setting it all up!

Affiliate Network vs 3rd Party Software vs Software you own ... which one is right for you?

If you have started looking around, you’ll notice there are all sorts of options you can run. For instance... Obviously if you’re a ’Fortune 500 Company’ with a MASSIVE budget ... that’s fine!

- Custom-made software - ...and spend anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 designing if yourself!

- Join an Affiliate Network - ...that set-ups and administers your program and promotes it to their client base ( or Expect to may up to $1,000 in setup fees plus 30% fee on each sale. Worse, you don’t even own your affiliates. The ’network’ does!

- Rent Affiliate Software - ...and pay an up front license fee + ongoing monthly fee. Your affiliate program is totally dependent on them. If their server goes down — you’ve lost your income! Here’s some costs of the leading software...

    • My Affiliate Program ($995 setup fee + $50/month)
    • Commission Junctions ($1295 setup fee + 30% fee/sale + $250/month min balance
    • LinkShare Corp ($10,000 + 3% fee/sale + $2,000/month min balance)

Affiliate TrackerŪ is loaded with powerful features you’d only find in software twice its price. For example...

- Fully Automated Sign Up Page

  • Place your own logo & fully customizable
  • Verifies fields before allowing submission
  • Sign up unlimited affiliates automatically
  • 5 additional fields (drivers license, pay pal account)
  • Automatically ’authorize’ or ’screen’ each sign-up
  • Fully customizable ’success’ or ’failure’ page
  • Automatically adds affiliates to your database
  • Instant notification of new sign-up & auto responder

- Customizable Affiliate Lounge

  • Place your own logo
  • 100% customizable layout
  • Insert banners instantly from your admin area
  • Supports any HTML adverts (text, flash, pop-up’s)
  • Direct any adverts to any web site on any domain
  • Fully personalized layout for each individual affiliate
  • Provides affiliates with in depth statistics
  • Built in password retrieval system
  • Real-time tracking system

- Your Master Administration Area

  • Instantly view / edit your affiliates at a mouse click
  • Built in search facility for fast access
  • Built in e-mail facility with fully personalized tags
  • In depth performance summary on each affiliate
  • Add, pay, delete or credit affiliate at your finger tips
  • Special boost affiliate feature for higher earners
  • Pay per click, per sale, percentage, reoccurring, 2 tier
  • Displays product next to each affiliate’s commission

Manage 1,000 Affiliates As Easily As 1

Not only can you start signing up affiliates within the next 24 hours — you will ALSO be able to MANAGE them. With it’s built-in advanced functions, Affiliate TrackerŪ makes life much easier for you with it’s...
- Sophisticated Visitor Tracking ... If affiliates don’t get credit for their sales they’ll walk out in a flash! That’s why Affiliate TrackerŪ not only tracks cookies and IP’s it also monitors repeat visits and logs everything!

- Variable Pay Out Options ... Most budget software only offer ’pay per sale’ format like Sales Doubler ($300) or Ashop for Downloads ($200) or Little Salesman ($297). With Affiliate TrackerŪ you can vary your pay-out methods and it’s half the price of these programs!

- Reliable, Real-time Stats on sales, pay-outs and click thorough ... Affiliates want to know their performance NOW ....before continuing their promotion. Unlike other software there isn’t a several hour lag. Affiliate Tracker tracks in REAL TIME so affiliates can see up-to-the-minute statistics on how many sales they’ve made.

- Automated E-mail functions save you even more time ... Send fully personalized messages such as ’welcome’, ’sale notification’, ’2nd tier sign up’ and more. E-mail your entire database at the click of a button. No need to cut and paste into Outlook Express. Affiliate TrackerŪ has it’s own built in e-mail manager!

- Supports an Unlimited Number of Affiliates ... Whether you have 1 or 1,000, Affiliate TrackerŪ manages their records ever so smoothly. There’s no need to pay an upgrade fee. Some companies charge you a fee for every affiliate that signs up! A rip off if you ask me!

- Fully customizable to Your Company Image ... There’s nothing worse than having the "affiliate’s shop" advertising in your affiliates area. With Affiliate TrackerŪ you can fully customize the look and feel of the software to suit your company branding.

- Easy Integration — No need to rebuild your shopping cart pages ... Affiliate TrackerŪ integrates with 90% of shopping cart, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

- Reoccurring Commission Tracking ... Affiliate TrackerŪ also tracks reoccurring commission. So you’re able to credit the affiliate a set amount each month — all automatically!

.. and this is just the beginning!

The great new is — Affiliate Tracker makes it easy for you to focus your attention on attracting those high performing "Super Affiliates" and actually grow your business instead of falling behind in it!

Stop Wasting Time On Paperwork Tasks!

You didn’t start a business to push papers did you? You’re not a secretary. With Affiliate TrackerŪ installed on your web server, you will now be able to...

- Instantly identify who your top-performing affiliates are and who aren’t ... Also goes one step further by identifying which affiliates are referring the most clicks and which affiliates are providing the highest conversion rates.

- Focus more energy on helping your "super affiliates" SELL MORE ... instead of wasting time hand-holding affiliates who aren’t.

- Test various pay-out methods to see which brings you the highest number of sales ... You can try a fixed amount per sale regardless of the price, a fixed percentage per sale or an amount per click-through.

- Have an up-to-the-minute barometer ... of which banner and/or text link creative is producing the highest return on your marketing dollar.

- Helps protect you from affiliate fraud through ... its’ sophisticated fraud prevention mechanisms, password security and e-mail facility.

- Track unlimited affiliates, banners, ads, links and more ... just by assigning an ID to it, you can see which link, banner, ad or affiliate earns the most by the amount of clicks and sales each get.

- EASY affiliate sign-up makes joining your program a simple process ... and therefore maximize the number of people who join up without any hassle or aggravation what so ever!

Imagine It ... A Sales Machine That Runs On Autopilot. No Need To Lift A Finger. All You Do Is Sign The Checks!

The key to a truly effective affiliate program is one that does most of the work for you allowing you to focus on more productive tasks!

The great thing about Affiliate TrackerŪ is that it was especially designed to run 90% of your affiliate program for you.

It automates a whole range of normally ’time-consuming’ tasks which can save you many hours per week. Which means...

- No wasting time taking calls ... or answering e-mail’s from affiliates who want to know their commission totals. Affiliates can log in to the "lounge area" and get their statistics in REAL TIME.

- No more time consuming sending of "standard" e-mail’s ... Affiliate TrackerŪ is preprogrammed to send automated e-mail’s when people join, when they make a sale, when they forget their password, and more. More time saved.

- No need to manually cut and paste each e-mail address ... into Outlook Express. Send bulk e-mail’s to your entire affiliate database at the touch of a button.

- There’s no need to prepare manual statements ... for each affiliate. Affiliate TrackerŪ automatically tracks and records, and prepares reports and statements for each affiliate at the end of each month, and e-mail’s them. . All you need to do is write and send out the checks.

- Easily reverse commissions or suspend accounts ... when fraudulent activity is detected.

- Because Affiliate TrackerŪ is web-based ... you can run your business from anywhere in the world. Just log in to your administration area and that’s it.

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