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Affiliate & Webmaster Forums

Support Rooms

Please do not interfere with support related questions unless your query is related to the thread topic. If you have a query, please start a new thread.

  • SearchFeed - This is the support room for SearchFeed, moderated by SearchFeed.
  • FineClicks - This is the support room for Fineclicks, moderated by Fineclicks.

The Barter Basement

  • Advertisement Room - Feel free to advertise your website or offer here for free.
  • Sell / Buy Advertising & Ad Space - Advertise you advertising inventory or your advertising requirements here.
  • Link Exchanges - Arrange recipricol links with fellow webmasters.

Affiliate Discussions

  • General Affiliate Discussion - Newbie questions, news & general affiliate discussions which do not relate to a certain affiliate type.
  • Merchant Networks - Commission Junction, Linkshare, Tradedoubler and all Merchant based affiliate networks. Check out Merchant Network reviews
  • Ad Serving Networks - Bustmedia, Fastclick, AdvertWizard and all Ad Serving network discussions. Check out Ad Serving Network reviews
  • Affiliate Sites - Sites which have their own Affiliate Program like Check out Affiliate Site reviews
  • Pop-Up/Pop-Under Networks - Pop-up/Pop-under network discussions. Check out Pop-Up/Pop-Under Networks reviews
  • Pay Per Search Affiliate Companies - 7Search, SearchFeed, Kannodle and all PPS Affiliate discussions. Check out Pay Per Search reviews
  • Selling / Buying Ad Space - Discussions about how to buy & sell your ad space. Check out Ad Space Selling/Buying Affiliate Companies reviews
  • Beginners Corner - Feeling lost on the site. Remember , there is no such thing as a silly question - everybody has to start somewhere so don’t be afraid to post. Some Terminology
  • Bad Experiences - Share any bad experiences you have and warn fellow members of potential fraudsters. Please give details of what happened - writing something like they suck will not be tolerated.


  • General Webmaster Topics - General webmaster related discussions.

Off Topic Related Rooms

  • The Biscuit Room - A place to discuss non webmaster/affiliate related issues. So drop in, put your feet up and have a biscuit.
  • News, Updates & Announcements - The latest about whats been happening on Affiliate Talk & Affiliate Review.
  • Feedback & Support - Know of a way to improve Affiliate Talk or having problems with the site. Let us know here.
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