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Let me introduce Affiliate Tagger™, a Revolutionary and Brand-new technology that Turns any content website into a Money making system. With Screen-shots and Flash videos, I will show you how to use Affiliate Tagger for a successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign. Whether you run a Static Content website, Blog, Article Directory, Ezine or Discussion forum in any niche market, you can turn it into a passive profit maker without much efforts.

What is Affiliate Tagger ?

Affiliate Tagger is a Dynamic Linking Tool that generates affiliate Links in the content of your site, on the fly, as the site loads up in visitor’s browser. When you insert a single line of code into your website, selected keywords in the Content will be automatically populated with affiliate Links. When you insert this code into a Blog template, affiliate tags will be inserted in selected keywords automatically in all Blog entries - even if you have Thousands of posts!

Just imagine; you insert a single line of Code into your Website, and an auto-pilot system starts giving you decent commissions regularly. By inserting this code the system will turn selected keyword into Affiliate Tags dynamically - which means, no Anchor Links are actually inserted into the HTML Code of your content. Your content will be there Intact, without any changes in keyword density and number of outgoing links.

How to Install Affiliate Tagger

Installation of this Web-based application is very very easy. You don’t have to upload this script manually. We have developed a Desktop Installer to do all these steps automatically. You don’t have to worry about uploading in ASCII mode, set CHMOD and other complicated stuff. Just double-click on the Desktop Installer icon, enter your website URL, User ID, Password, choose the name of the folder to install and choose an Admin Password. Then, Press the ’Install Now’ button and Affiliate Tagger will be installed in your site within a minute.

How to Use Affiliate Tagger in four easy steps

- Step:1 - Select keywords Using Built-in Keyword Generator.

- Step:2 - Select related products Using Built-in ClickBank Product Search Tool. You can easily add Amazon, CJ or any other affiliate Product links.

- Step:3 - Choose Affiliate Tag color, Text Link Styles, Mouse Over effects, Number of keywords to be tagged, etc. and press the Finish Button!

- Step:4 - In the next page, Affiliate Tagger will generate a single line of Javascript code to insert into your Site or Blog/Forum/Article Directory Template. Save and Upload the page/template. Your one-time-only work is over. Affiliate Tagger will do the rest for you.

How Affiliate Tagger works with Blogs, Article Directories and Forums

The beauty of this system is that when you copy and paste the Generated code into your blog template, all previous posts will be tagged for selected keywords. In the same way, All pages in your Forum or Article Directory will be tagged with affiliate links.

You can use Affiliate Tagger in any type of content site, WordPress Blogs, Blogger Blogs, Message Boards, Article directories or any content site you can imagine.

John Smiley (John Smiley) [did also : CashPage Builder™ ]
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