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Why Would You Settle For Pennies Per Click, When We’ll Give You Hundreds Of Dollars AND Monthly Residual Commissions From The Ads Shown On Your Site?

Affiliate Power Ads Is The Best Way To Make Money From The Top Affiliate Programs Online!

  • Completely FREE! - We will never charge you one cent to use affiliate power ads. Potentially earn hundreds of dollars on every click through!
  • Earn Huge Commissions! - The programs that we add to affiliate power ads are the programs that pay the highest commissions.
  • Doesn’t Compete With Your Site! - Most ad programs compete with your site. When someone clicks on an Affiliate Power Ad, it will open a new window, so your customers will stay on your site!
  • Fast Setup! - Just plug in your affiliate URL’s for the top affiliate programs online. Add one line of code to your site, and immediately start earning money!
  • No Extra Work! - We select the products that have been proven to make affiliates money. You will never have to spend time finding the best products to promote - we have done it all for you!
  • New Products Every Visit! - Your visitors will see new ads for new products every time they visit your site.

Get Paid The Money You Deserve For Your Virtual Real Estate!

If you are ready for more... then "Affiliate Power Ads" was created for you! We have teamed up with companies who are not going to just give you a few cents when you refer visitors to their sites, but who are willing to pay you a HIGH % of every sale that you generate!

So this time when someone clicks on an ad from your site, if they purchase the product you will receive:

- Huge upfront commissions - Our merchants are paying up to 50% or more in some cases for every product that is sold from your website! Products range in price from $47 - $500 so you will be getting a HUGE checks for every sale!

- Monthly residual commissions - We have included almost a dozen membership site. When someone signs up for one of these sites, you will get paid every month, as long as they stay a member!

- Second-Tier commissions - read below to find out how you will also get commissions from the ads shown on your friends websites!

SublimeNet Inc (Russell Brunson) [did also : Forum Fortunes , The Second Tier ]
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