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Here’s EXACTLY Why You’re Not Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Look, it’s not your fault and it wasn’t mine either. If you sign up for all the “right” affiliate programs, advertise them exactly as they tell you to, you are never going to make any real money. Here are some startling facts most affiliate managers will never tell you:

  • Well over 82% of all affiliates never get a check over $100-and of the remaining 18%, many of those only get the occasional check. Less than 4% get monthly checks of any real size from most affiliate programs.
  • In some programs almost half of sales are not credited to the proper referring affiliate.
  • The prepared “sales letters” furnished by the affiliate managers are almost always a money-losing proposition for the affiliate-and the only one who really makes money is the site owner.
  • Almost every affiliate program has the cards stacked in favor of the so-called super affiliate and against the little guy.

The sad truth is this: If you don’t know the “inside-tactics,” you are almost doomed to failure online.

But the good news is...

Anyone can learn the exact methods necessary to have a wildly profitable online business

Two years ago everything changed for me. I sat down at my kitchen table and made a list of everything I was doing to make my “online dreams” come true. It was a depressing list. There, scrawled on my yellow legal pad, I had a list of all the wrong things I was doing. Things that weren’t making me money.

That’s when I quit

No, I didn’t stop trying to make money on the Internet-I simply refused to do anything that didn’t work. I quit listening to all the so-called experts and starting tracking every step I made. I found out what actually made me money rather than what everyone said “should” make me money.

Here’s Where Your Serious Checks Start

I love my wife. Carol is one of the best people you will ever meet. But after years of seeing me sweat blood and getting no results, she really didn’t believe in my “internet thing” any more.

Until the checks started coming.

They didn’t go from zero to thousands over night, but from the time I started working smart, avoiding the mistakes everyone else was making, the checks gradually increased. Now I am one of the highest paid affiliates each and every month for a BUNCH of affiliate programs.

It Ain’t Ditch Diggin’ Hard, but It Ain’t Point-And-Click Easy Either

I work at this. I don’t work too hard-I get to stay home every day, I get up when I want, work when I want, vacation when I want-but I work most weekdays. I track my results, I put my time into things that bring results. I re-invest a portion of my ever-growing affiliate checks. You can be doing the same.

Here’s Why You Need This Myth-Shattering Report

Once I realized how easy it was to see larger and larger affiliate checks each month, I was angry that no one had told me all the mistakes I was making before-it would have saved me thousands of dollars in wasted money, hundreds of hours of worthless effort and several bottles of aspirin.

So, after three years of frustration and two years of super-affiliate success, I decided to help you avoid the same mistakes I had made. Why should you have to go through the same frustrations, the same wasted time and money, the same feelings of hopelessness?

Here are just a few of the things you will have in your hands within five minutes of downloading this no-nonsense report:

  • On page 8 I will tell you the disturbing secret why many of today’s super affiliates succeeded but why what they tell you is all wrong. (Knowing just this single piece of crucial information has made me thousands of dollars.)
  • The million-dollar key to affiliate success (Page 17).
  • The one, cheap computer program every affiliate needs to make money around the clock. This little gem is my lifesaver-and almost no one is using it-I tell you exactly where to get it and how to turn it into your own personal cash register on page 56.
  • Why picking your products too soon can spell disaster. Over 78% of affiliates make this mistake-I will show you in how five minutes makes the difference between success and failure (page 46).

I will also show you how to “cluster” your affiliate programs so people buy from you again and again-and how to make sure your customers always come back to you.

Put In the Time and Effort and You Can Quit Your Job

Literally hundreds of thousands of people are now working from home. You can start with an almost zero budget and be doing the same. My report will get you started. Here are some of the little-known, profit-multiplying techniques you will be able to put to work within minutes of reading this report:

  • How to position yourself so that thousands of people act on every recommendation you make (page 64).
  • The electrifying reason why over 90% of pre-written ad programs never make a sale (page 49).
  • On page 32 I reveal how to tell-before you join-which affiliate programs will make you money and which will never produce for you.
  • The simple key to offering exactly the right products. This common-sense reality from page 42 is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not realizing it sooner-and wonder why 90+% of affiliates never realize it either.

Exactly How You Will Make Money Every Month

In my no-fat, 151 page report, you will discover how to build your business brick-by-brick that will pay you every month.

If you take the simple strategies you will learn from me, and apply them consistently, you should see a significant income from various affiliate programs. Some of the cutting edge concepts you will instantly receive include:

  • The single product you should sell on your site-no matter what your market niche.
  • Exactly what every person who visits your website or reads your email really is looking for-and it’s not to buy something!
  • How to LASER-BEAM target your prospects to make the most money possible with the least effort.
  • The simple methods the “big boys” use to create instant profits with a push of a button.
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