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Attention CLICKBANK Merchants! Increase your sales! Maximize your profits with our simple and powerful script to dramatically increase your link popularity and search engine ranking.

Our script will convert your affiliates into marketing warriors equipped with all tools and secrets they need to promote your website!

Here’s how it works...

Your visitors fill out a short form and instantly receive a unique URL that they use to advertise your website. Affiliate Manager automatically generates the HTML banner codes which the affiliates have to put into their homepages to earn commissions. All sales that come in are stamped with their affiliates ClickBank nickname.

What’s the point of this script?

The URL given your affiliates does NOT look like

Using Affiliate Manager each Affiliate will receive their own redirect URL that is Search Engine friendly

That is why our simple and powerful script will dramatically increase your link popularity and search engine ranking. Plus, you will have a full list of your affiliates.

Let me give you an example of how many sites will be linked DIRECTLY to your website:

  • 1 affiliate per day = 30 links per month
  • 3 affiliates per day = 90 links per month
  • 5 affiliates per day = 150 links per month
  • 7 affiliates per day = 210 links per month
  • and more and more and more....

More links = Higher Search Engine ranking = MORE SALES


  • Give free static web pages to your affiliates
  • Easy to set-up and configure in 5 minutes
  • Send personalized broadcast message to your affiliates
  • Instantly automatic creation
  • Automatic list of the affiliates
  • Click counter
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Program sends a confirmation email with promotional tools
  • Checking inappropriate nickname
  • Each reseller page takes about 1 Kb of space
  • Instant HTML banner code generation
  • Completely customizable to fit your web site
  • Search Engine friendly affiliate URLs
Sellwide Corp (Konstantin Ursalov) [did also : Affiliate Manager for ClickBank , Earn-it Manager for ClickBank , Earn-it Manager for ClickBank , Earn-It Manager , SellWide Cloaker ]
Perl Interpreter/SendMail
Linux, FreeBSD, Unix
Money Back
30 days
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