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Are you involved in Internet Affiliate Marketing? Do you have a list of Affiliate Programs you belong to? Then listen up!

Have you ever had a problem finding the logon details to an Affiliate Program you joined two years ago? You’ve never promoted the program, but you just made a new website that it would be *perfect* on and you can’t remember where you wrote down the details?

Or, perhaps you belong to several hundred Affiliate Programs and that spreadsheet you put everything in is starting to get *really* unorganized and ugly, and you are *fresh* out of sticky notes (and space on the edge of your computer monitor)?

Well, today is *your day of salvation*!

Introducing the *all new* AffiliateManagerPro!

From the makers of the original AffiliateManager comes an all-new personal Affiliate Information Manager, with a new, easy to use interface and more features! It’s easy to install and use, and you’ll have all of your Affiliate Program data at your fingertips in no time!

Customers raved about the previous version of AffiliateManager, it’s flexibility and ease of use...and we’ve gotten a lot of helpful suggestions from them that went into the *all new* version! But, don’t take *my*word for it...

AffiliateManagerPro is THE solution for affiliate organization! Store usernames, passwords, payment structure, prmotion and stats links, forum information, and much, much more in this versatile "Personal Affiliate Manager"! Designed to be easy to use, AffiliateManagerPro will finally allow you to clear your inbox and get all those sticky notes off of your monitor! Created by affiliates, for affiliates!

So, What’s Inside AffiliateManagerPro?

We’ve tried to make AffiliateManagerPro the best software for keeping track of Affiliate Program data. So what does that mean? In the software, you can store:

  • Stats Login and Promotion links
  • Pay type and frequency information
  • Multiple-tier program information
  • Forum link information
  • Usernames and passwords
  • And much more!

Plus, we have other features in AffiliateManagerPro, allowing you to

  • Store the signup email right in the program
  • Cloak your affiliate links in 4 different ways
  • Quickly sort and view your program information
  • Visit your links, right from the program!
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