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Now You Can Turn Those Long Search Engine Rejecting Affiliate Links Into Your Own Product Announcements With The First Automated Desktop Tool On The Market!

Let’s face it, affiliate links are tough to deal with. You can’t use them for Google AdWords, they look bad in a browser window, they’re extremely obvious, waaaay too long, and worst of all it’s easy for others to steal your commissions just by changing the the user_id number.

And yet, if you’re an affiliate marketer you can’t live without them!

Oh sure, there are link cloakers all over the net, and link shrinkers too that you can use. But they all either show your real affiliate link in the browser window, or you have to fuss with script manipulations and uploads to your FTP server. Who has time or the desire to get involved with all that?

Affiliate Link Wizard Makes It So Simple It’s as easy as filling in the blanks . . . Literally! You just feed Affiliate Link Wizard the information it requires, and it does all the work for you.

Your brand new affiliate link is created in the form of a product endorsement from your own domain and is uploaded instantly to your server.

- This:
- To this: in seconds!

And it works for any type of affiliate link, even ClickBank. In fact, Affiliate Link Wizard . . .

  • Lets you change any affiliate link no matter how long or how complicated it is.
  • Lets you put your own domain name in the link.
  • Lets you choose how you’ll endorse a product. Pick any word that recommends such as "suggests","presents", "loves", "endorses", etc.
  • Let’s you attach as many affiliate products as you want to each endorsement word.
  • Let’s you keep track of all your links, and even let’s you change them if you want.
  • Let’s you upload your new affiliate link data files to your FTP server without having to create databases, or create directories, or even go there for that matter.

A Whole Different Breed Of Link Cloaker

It’s a Desktop tool. Until now, you’d have to either play around with scripts or rely on another company’s servers to stay up in order to get a cloaked link. Now everything happens right from your desktop and you have full control over it. Everything you do stays between you, your desktop and your own server. Secondly, because Affiliate Link Wizard works by creating a series of folders on your server, you never have to worry about exposing your real affiliate link ever again. What your potential customers see is a link from your server, using your own domain address. For all intents and purposes, you’re just endorsing a product and have it right on your website to show them

And these are just some of the outward benefits you get when you use Affiliate Link Wizard. This little Desktop tool will also . . .

  • Store your links and help you keep them organized.
  • Quickly let you view all of your products for easy selection.
  • Allow you to add as many domains as you’d like.
  • Let you add as many products as you’d like.
Double Head Publishing (Ken Nadreau)(Hubert Daul) [did also : Audio Article Directory , Article Submitter Pro ]
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