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If you use affiliate programs to sell other people’s products on the Internet, I have some shocking news for you. You are getting ripped off!

No, you’re not getting ripped off by the affiliate programs you belong to. As long as they pay you the money you earned, and pay you on time, then you have nothing to worry about with them.

What I’m talking about is unscrupulous, sneaky, "petty shoplifter" customers who are taking your hard-earned commissions right out of your pocket... and putting that money into THEIR pockets!

In a moment, I’m going to show you a new, amazingly easy way to "stop the bleeding" and start once again collecting the money that’s rightfully yours. But first let me tell you about...

The Dirty Little Secret That Nobody Ever Talks About!

Affiliate link hijacking and affiliate link bypassing are the dirty little secrets of Internet marketing that no one ever talks about.

- Hijacking is what happens when someone replaces your affiliate id with theirs in the affiliate link. Let’s say your affiliate ID is live-well and the product site is Then your affiliate link would be Say the highjacker uses the affiliate ID of captain-hook. What he would do is replace your ID with his, and buy from the URL The bottom line: You don’t get your commission, and the hijacker puts your money in his pocket, in the form of a discount, by buying through his own affiliate link.

- Bypassing is what happens when someone sees an affiliate link and is either unfamiliar and uncomfortable with it, or just can’t stand the idea of your getting a commission (even though you’ve done the work to put the information in front of them). So instead of buying from, the bypasser will simply “chop off” the affiliate ID at the end and simply buy from the plain URL —without your affiliate ID attached! The bottom line is the same: Once again, you’ve been robbed of your affiliate commission. Unfortunately, as long as people can see an affiliate code in the link that you offer them, a certain number of them are destined to hijack it - or bypass it.

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