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Sell affiliate Products with your own Sales Letters

Attention all Affiliates. At last you can put an end to those plug ugly Affiliate Links that destroy your selling credibility and cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales!

And If You Have Had Enough Of Having Your Affiliate Earnings Stolen By Crooks And Thieves Now You Can Stop Them Dead In Their Tracks!

Announcing Affiliate Cloner - Brand New Software - Five Power Packed Weapons For Your Affiliate Armory That Will Guarantee You Maximize Your Affiliate Earnings.

With more and more people reaping the benefits of making money from affiliate programs there is one sure and certain fact - In order to maximize the full money earning potential of this lucrative earner you have to ensure that your affiliate campaign is focused, state of the art and packed to the rafters with money making innovations.

There are many successful affiliates, and I sincerely hope you are one of them, but the most successful, the top earners, some of whom make over $15,000 monthly from Affiliate Programs are those that go the extra mile to stay one step ahead of the affiliate pack.

And now, at last, you have the opportunity to become one of those top earners as this Brand New Software allows you to stand out from the crowd of other affiliates by utilizing the Five powerful weapons that Affiliate Cloner gives you to dramatically increase your affiliate earnings.

But before you click on the order button and start to take advantage of these five powerful weapons let me tell you more about Affiliate Cloner, a brand new and valuable Affiliate utility, that you can use to increase and safeguard your Affiliate earnings.

There are three questions which affiliates continually ask:

  • How do I protect my affiliate Url
  • How do I link to an order page
  • How do I link to a specific product page

With Affiliate Cloner you can:

  • Make your affiliate link short, sweet and "make more money" friendly.
  • Stop dead in their tracks the Affiliate Link Hijackers who want to steal your hard earned commission and make sure you keep every dollar you earn.
  • Let buyers order direct from your email to dramatically increase your selling options.
  • Put an instant end to the great product, rubbish sales page scenario and make more sales by using your own money generating sales page.
  • Send your buyers to any page on a site and maximize your profit potential.
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