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AffPlanet is powerful hosted affiliate tracking and management software. Easily set up and manage your own affiliate program.

Affiliate program allows you to attract, motivate, and reward partners who bring more traffic, sales and grow your business.

Easy and web-based, you don’t need to download, install, or configure anything. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. And your data is safe with us.

What is AffPlanet?

Simply put, AffPlanet is software that allows you to build and run your own affiliate program for your website(s). Applicable for any size of business, AffPlanet is advanced and powerful, yet easy to use.

Affiliate system will manage your partners (affiliates) and track the traffic, clicks, sales or leads they refer to your site. It registers and automatically computes the commissions you are paying to your affiliates.

Is your business ready to start affiliate program? Choose the best solution. AffPlanet offers advanced affiliate management and tracking software, user-friendly web based administration and feature set you will not see anywhere else.

Why AffPlanet is the best solution?

  • No complicated software installation
  • Full integration with your web included for Pro account
  • You can start your own affiliate program in minutes
  • Increases link popularity
  • You own your affiliates
  • Most reliable tracking on the market
  • Fully customizable
  • Real time reporting
  • No server/webspace requirements
  • Support and lifetime upgrades

AffPlanet is an affiliate software solution for any small or mid size of business. It is full-featured powerful affiliate system to manage your affiliates and track the traffic, clicks, sales or leads they refer to your site.


AffPlanet contains wide range of features which makes it one of the most advanced affiliate software avaiable. We continually work on new features, which will become available to all our members without additional costs.

Some features differ according to plan you choose. Compare plans here

- Supported commission types:

    • CPM (cost per thousand impressions)
    • Per referral
    • Signup bonus
    • Per click
    • Per sale and per lead (Flat rate or Percentage)
    • Multi tier commissions - up to 10 tiers
    • Unlimited product categories and unlimited affiliate categoriess -Pro plan
    • Possibility to define different commissions to different affiliates

- Standard functionality:

    • Worlds-unique tracking system using 1st party and Flash cookies for best possible reliability
    • Unlimited affiliates
    • Forced affiliates matrix support
    • Adjustable payout amount
    • Full history of all transactions
    • Unlimited banners
    • Performance rewards - pay more to your best affiliates
    • Multiple merchants with permissions
    • Recurring commissions support (weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly period)
    • Set your currency type and way to display the currency (left, right)
    • Set desimal numbers displayment and rounding
    • Setting of cookie lifetime
    • Easy to use, all settings are accessible via control panel

- Communication:

    • Customizable email templates
    • Full history of all email communication
    • Extensive email notifications
    • For merchant:
      • after sale
      • after affiliate signup
      • after recurring comm. generated
      • daily report
      • weekly report
      • monthly report
    • For affiliate:
      • after sale
      • after subaffiliate signup
      • daily report
      • weekly report
      • monthly report
    • Mass emails to affiliates
    • Support for News - displayed on affiliate’s panel

- Extensive reports:

    • Quick report with daily impressions, clicks and sales
    • Detailed transactions report
    • Traffic & Sales graphical report
    • Top Affiliates graphical report
    • Top Campaigns graphical report
    • Number of affiliates graphical report
    • Affiliate Summaries
    • Top Reffering URLs graphical report
    • Rotator report
    • Non performing affiliates report
    • Banner impressions, clicks and CTR ratios

- Approvals & fraud protection:

    • Refund & Chargeback management
    • Approve new affiliate accounts (optional)
    • Approve new sales (optional)
    • Transaction management: view, approve, decline, delete
    • Automatized fraud protection
    • Choose whether to insert the fraudlent transactions as declined, or don’t insert at all

- Payouts & export:

    • Accounting view with full payouts history
    • Fully customizable payout options allow you to support any existing payment system
    • Definition of export file format and payment button format
    • Payout options supported by default:
    • PayPal
    • MoneyBookers
    • Bank wire transfer
    • Regular Check
    • Easy to add new payment system
    • Export of data to MS Excel format

- Banners:

    • Banner rotators
    • Popup/popunder banners
    • Organize banners in categories
    • Possibility to hide banner from affiliate during creation
    • Image banners
    • Text links
    • Customizable text link format
    • HTML banners - allowing FLASH, pop-up windows, JavaScript code, ...

- Customizations:

    • Customizable affiliate signup page
    • Possibility to choose which signup form fields are optional/mandatory
    • Customizable affiliate control panel
    • Skins & colors to choose from

- Integration:

    • Integration Wizard
    • Auto-generated signup form
    • Integrates with virtually every shopping cart/payment gateway on the market. More about compatibility...

You can upgrade to Paid version anytime by clicking on the traffic bar in your merchant panel.

  • 1 Own domain - Having own domain means that your affiliate program will use it’s own URL, for example, instead of There is $50 service fee for enabling this option + you need to register new domain for your affiliate program at your own cost.
  • 2 CPM commissions - This type of commissions are available only upon individual approval.
  • 3 Planned development - We plan to develop this feature in the short future (1-2 months) and we are currently working on update.
  • 4 Reliable tracking - Tracking of clicks and sales/leads.
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