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Advertising for the next generation

Control your content by using The Hourly Advertising System on your website. Make your customers happy by offering fixed prices and rich media by embedding the system. Earn money the easy way, with no start up costs or extra expenses. See if your website qualifies to become a part of the next generation advertising network.

Adicate is a user based advertising system for selling timeslots per hour. Users make their ads online and buy hourly slots on your website. The advertising spot is easily created by pasting a HTML code.

- Thousands of businesses can’t be wrong

- Become a part of the new advertising era

- Reach clients worldwide with the Adicate Network

- Make your site dynamic with rich media advertising

The Method

  • Minutes from registration to use - If you want to use the service, as an advertiser you have to register via a campaign on a website. This is where you create your user name and password, which later can be used to log into your account at the Adicate site, to see active campaigns, administration and creating advertisements. It only takes a couple of minutes from registration as a customer until an advertisement has been created. Everything happens online and does not require any previous knowledge on the part of the advertiser.
  • Campaign - A campaign is an area in a website that is made available for hourly-based advertising within a stated time frame. You can click here to register and create your own advertisement, get information about start and end dates, as well as hourly rates for the promotion. If you have registered already, it is possible to purchase advertising through your website by selecting from active promotions.
  • Registration for advertisers - You register through the register pages on a website that is based on hourly-based promotions. You can also log in here, using your user name and password, if you have used this service previously. After registering, you click onwards and create an advertisement with the desired advertisement format and times. It is also possible to subscribe to your times, to ensure that you are reserved them throughout the entire campaign period/or as long as you may wish. Advertisements are accepted by the website and published at desired times.

For the website

Adicate - the advertising solution that is easier to use than not to use

  • Increase earnings without needing extra resources - Adicate is a tool that is based on advertising charged at hourly rates. This provides a more reasonable service for which the threshold for participation is lower, and the potential customer mass increases. The total price per day can be adjusted if it is split over several customers, and the hourly price varies in relation to favorable times with high visitor levels. Increases in customers, and more advertisements normally require increased resources, but when you use Adicate an external server takes care of everything to be registered both by the provider and advertiser.
  • Advertisements that sell themselves - Users of a website are also potential customers, and by offering reasonably priced hourly advertisements, you allow for advertising by smaller companies. When you register you create a campaign and upload a standard graphic that will be shown on the website when no-one is advertising. This is where you can enter the prices for your service, and by doing so increase the changes of impulse buying by the users.
  • Flexibility and control - As provider, you will always have full control over which advertisement spots that used for hourly advertising, and which you still want to use for traditional advertising. You register promotions for the desired time periods, only for the advertising sites that you want to sell on an hourly basis. You choose the prices yourself, and these can be varied as needed. It is easy to use Adicate, and it is not necessary to make changes when you start to use the service. All you need to do is to paste in a piece of HTML code on your website.
  • Cheaper advertisements mean more customers - Hourly advertisements are a cheaper way of advertising, and expand the potential customer base in a very easy way. Adicate allows small companies with limited advertising budgets to advertise in the same way as large companies.

  • 1. Your Adicate Control Panel - Set advertising parameters here. (Ad-size, and types, hourly rates etc).
  • 2. Your site -with Adicate - Embed the code generated in the Adicate Control Panel on your site. This will now serve as a placeholder for adverts.
  • 3. Your site -with Adicate ads - Your new customers buy in to your timeslots and create their ads online. All according to your previously set parameters .
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