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Finally...A Powerful PHP Script That Aims To Keep Your Sites Built with Page Generators Stay Indexed Longer In The SERPS

I know if you are reading this you are A VERY serious marketer who

  • 1. Doesn’t have the time to read through tons of marketing spiel
  • 2. Would rather spend his time building more Money pulling adsense targeted sites

So, I’ll keep this short.
- Fact: Yahoo is soon going to launch its own version of "adsense".
- Fact: Yahoo is dropping all kinds of sites, page generated or otherwise from their index within a few weeks of indexing them.

There are various SEO/ Page Generator forums where people are saying... "Yahoo Drops Sites That Have Google Adsense On Them Within A Few Weeks Of Indexing Them.

So How Do You Hide Your Adsense Code From The Yahoo Robot, Slurp?"

Well the simplest way to do this would perhaps be to use Javascript, Right? Wrong!

If you didn’t know the search engine bots these days are much smarter than what they used to be and can read your plain javascript. So I guess the next way would be to encrypt the javascript and that way the search engine robot won’t be able to read your adsense code again right?

If you forgot, modifying the adsense code is against Google’s Terms Of Service. So modify that code and it’s "Say Bye Bye" to that adsense account!

The Solution: Adsense Cloaker

Adsense Cloaker Uses Powerful Cloaking Techniques To Show Your Adsense Code Only To Your Human Visitors And Hides It From The Search Engine Robots

How it works?

  • Adsense Cloaker script is a PHP script has a constantly updating list of IP addresses that the search engine robots use.
  • Whenever there is a visitor on your page Adsense Cloaker compares the IP address of the visitor with its list of IP address of known search engine robots.
  • If the IP address matches that of the robot, the adsense code is not displayed.
  • If the IP address doesn’t match that of a robot, the adsense code is displayed.

So, say for example if, "slurp", that’s the yahoo robot visits your site, it will never realize that you do display adsense ads on your site.

Novasoft Inc (Satyajeet Hattangadi) [did also : Tube Automator , Video Blaster Pro , TrafficTurboCharger , Blog Commentor , Niche Portal Builder , Tag Automator , Context Ads Pro , Covert Affiliate™ , ExpressRSS ™ , RSS Randomizer ™ , Auto Blog Generator , Traffic TurboCharger , Hover Ad Generator™ , WordTracker Miner ]
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