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How AdLinksPro Works...

AdLinksPro works by replacing keywords on your pages by links to highly profitable affiliate programs you define, on the fly. All you need to do is to paste a few lines of autogenerated code on your pages!

First of all, AdLinksPro scans your content for keywords. Then it creates a list of keywords present in your page. Once this is done, it searches your ad database to find out the most fitting ads. Now, when your page has loaded completely, AdLinksPro does it’s magic - it replaces your keywords with links!

How AdLinksPro Can Help You Tap Your Goldmine...

- Convert Your Blogs To Cash Raking Machines - Blogs are easy ways to make money. AdLinksPro can work seemlessly with blogs, replacing keywords with links. This means more money for you!

- Turn Your Forums Into Profit - How about making money from efforts made by others? Forums actually allows you to do exactly that. Use AdLinksPro to make money from content contributed by your fellow forum members.

- Milk The Most Out Of Your Article Sites - When you own a niche website targeted at Adsense, you already have the cow waiting to be milked! All you need to do now is to milk it using AdLinksPro, and take the cash from the table!

- Even works with RSS content! - AdLinksPro even works with RSS content! Using RSS is a very effective way to generate fresh content for your website.

Here’s How You Can Deploy AdLinksPro On Your Pages - In Just 2 Easy-To-Follow Steps!

  • Step #1: Login to your AdLinksPro Control Center, and define the keywords you wish to turn to links. First, you need to define the keywords that you wish to turn to links. To do this, all you have to do is to login to the AdLinksPro Control Center (more about this later), and then insert keywords. For your convenience, we have provided 2 easy ways to insert links - you can either insert them one-by-one or you can upload a set of keywords from a file.
  • Step #2: Paste the autogenerated code on your pages, and watch your profits soar! Once you have your keywords ready in AdLinksPro database, you are ready to deploy AdLinksPro on your pages. Launch your Adcode Generator (more on this later), and get the auto generated code. Now, just paste the code on your content pages, and watch the keywords turn to links on the fly!

Take A Look At Some Mind Blowing Features Of AdLinksPro...

  • An Installation Process So Easy That Even A 10 Year Old Child Can Install It In Seconds! AdLinksPro is notoriously known for its easy 3 step installation. I created an easy-to-follow manual to guide you through all the way. If you know how to upload files to your server, and change the permissions on them, then you can have the ads running on your sites and generating you money in minutes!

Hassle Free AdCode Generator You don’t have to worry about writing codes to display ads on your web pages. AdLinksPro’s Adcode Generator generates the code that you need to paste in your web pages based on the criteria you decide - in less than 7 seconds. It’s so easy and hassle free that even a 5 year old could do it.

Complete Control Over The Ads Shown The ads displayed by AdLinksPro always under your control. You can customize every aspect of the ad. You can change the link color, link style, the minimum rank of the products chosen, the minimum commission of the product chosen - all of these could be controlled at runtime!

Four Sources To Choose Your Ads From Your copy of ClickAdsPro comes with an inbuilt ad databases for storing your ads. This database contains ads from 4 sources. One contains ALL the products in ClickBank® marketplace. That accounts to over 11000 products! A simple mouse click is all it takes to update this with the latest products from ClickBank® marketplace! What’s more - you can even schedule AdLinksPro to update your ClickBank® ads at intervals you define! Second contains ALL the products in PayDotCom marketplace. Again, you can update the ads using a simple mouse click! The third source consists of ads of your choice - you can add, edit or delete ads to this source at any time. The fourth source contains your best performing ads from the other three sources - AdLinksPro uses an algorithm to determine which are your "best performers", and silently copies them to your elite ads.

Intuitive Control Center AdLinksPro gives you full power with it’s must-see control center. You have full control with AdLinksPro extensive functionalities. The administration panel also contains a built in Report Center that acts as a Cockpit view of how your ads are performing and how you can improve them.

Completely Customizable Search Engine AdLinksPro comes with an integrated ClickBank®-PayDotCom search engine builder. Your visitors can search through Clickbank’s and/or PayDotCom database with your ID embeded on every result. Every link is cloaked so are sure you never loose any commissions. The search engine is completely flexible - you can decide the minimum commission and/or rank of the products being displayed. You can ven decide the sort criteria - whether you want the results to be sorted based on commissions or rank or the title of the product! This search engine is completely template based, hence you can blend it with your existing website in a jiffy! Now tell me, how many times have you seen ClickBank ® malls with much lesser features being sold for $97 or more?

Plus Lots More!

Anand Padmanabha Iyer (Anand Padmanabha Iyer)
PHP4.3.1+/MySQL 4.0.25+/Be able to use Ioncube loaders
Apache HTTP server
Money Back
60 days
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