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adgridwork is a free advertising network and text link exchange

dgridwork was conceived back in November 2006, after we realized that there was no simple, free and effective way of quickly promoting a website. At the time, advertising options were limited to paying for banner ads or text links, using a contextual service (like adSense), or manually contacting and trading links with other webmasters. Thus, we decided to create a free, open advertising network and allow bloggers, small businesses and other website owners to submit their ads into our ad network. In exchange for serving their ads on thousands of highly targeted and related sites, we would require that they in turn serve ads for other users. The end result would be a giant community of websites that would all help one another promote and market their products, ideas and service for free!

Why use adgridwork to advertise your website?

The Highlights of Our Service:

  • It’s 100% free. No payments. Ever.
  • Increase your traffic. We have thousands of sites on our network all ready and waiting to advertise your website or product.
  • Improve your search engine rankings. Our network of advertisers provides links to your sites which are vital to increasing your rankings.
  • We have attractive advertisement blocks AND text links. Most people are blind to the traditional AdSense ads. Our ads are fresh, simple and appealing to the eye.
  • Promote to a targeted audience. You can define exactly what types of sites you want your advertisement to appear on.
  • Registration and setup is a snap. Our service is completely user-friendly.
  • Free metrics and tracking tools for webmasters. We provide your with detailed information on the users viewing your advertisements and websites.
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