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Abacus HelpDesk supports your HelpDesk with complete service and support, call tracking, knowledge management, problem resolution, call management, statistic reports, invoices handling, and much more!

With the SQL-connection module Abacus HelpDesk support MS SQL-Server, to be able to handle large databases!


  • Users permissions - Every users has their own permissions to the system: read, write or admin.
  • Knowledge database and history function - From an active case, it is quick and easy to open a similar case from the knowledge database and the history of an earlier case. It will be easy to retrieve users or specific equipment.
  • Material/Equipment - Under the heading Material, the amount of material used for the issue can be registered, and when the issue is closed, an invoice can be prepared using the material information.
  • Statistics - Different statistical reports can be generated in Abacus Helpdesk. In the present version four different reports can be generated. Please send us your requirement for types of reports you might need in the future.
  • Purchasing - Abacus Helpdesk provides a way for you to keep information about your purchasing and purchasing history. How was the order handled, and how was it registered as delivered? The answer can be found in the purchasing-module.
  • Escalation - means that an action is taken if an issue has passed the date given as the planned date of the issue. The system allows two kinds of activities that can be used individually and in combination, move the issue to other technician and send e-mail with escalation notification.
  • E-mail - Abacus Helpdesk contains a function for sending e-mail via SMTP. Access to an e-mail server capable of handling SMTP is required to activate this function. This function allows, among other things, the system to generate e-mail messages automatically when certain conditions are met.
  • Paging function - Send an alarm notification via SMS or Minicall to technicians. Together with EasyCall a flexible function is created to notify a specific technician or group of technicians of an emergency error. The function requires that a third-party product, EasyCall, be installed, which handles the communication with the phone operator. Today EasyCall supports several different operators and if an operator is not defined, a communications profile can be created for the desired operator.
  • Inventory - The inventory function is an advanced, powerful, and feature rich asset management and asset tracking system for your desktop and networked PCs. With Cost of Ownership so important today the inventory function will provide your organization with comprehensive and detailed information about all of the hardware and software on all of the p.c.’s on your network The inventory function handles inventory of both hard- and software on computers with Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.
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