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What is an AWSM Site map and how can it help me?

An AWSM site map is a turbocharged web page that feeds search engines (known as spiders) their favorite food. Search engine spiders find pages by "crawling" the web. They go through the code of all the pages in their database (called indexing), following links to other pages and adding them to the database. More pages are added through this indexing process than by manual submission. Search engines (spiders) can not always find all the pages of a site (especially if your site is not programmed to be search engine friendly). If this happens, search engines have trouble following links from pages buried too deep in a web site. An AWSM Site Map solves this problem by giving search engines access to all the pages and feeds them the links and keyword content of your web site. You will get faster, better and deeper search engine rankings with an AWSM Site Map.

How does AWSM SiteMap speed up the indexing process with major search engines?

Search engines find the pages on your website by following the links. The more pages you have on your site, the longer it takes the search engine to find it. With an AWSM Site Map, we place all the pages of your website in one easy to find place that the search engines "like" and find faster.

How can the AWSM SiteMap increase my sites’ Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank is complex formula used to assign a site importance on the web. This formula uses relevant links to any given page to come up with a number used as Page Rank. The AWSM Sitemap provides your site with a link structure that is conducive to improving the overall Page Rank of your site and the Page Rank of every page that is on the AWSM Site Map.

Will an AWSM Site Map guarantee an increase in traffic?

No single product can guarantee an increase in traffic. An AWSM Site Map will be a big step on the road to improving your website’s search engine relevancy.

Are AWSM Site Maps Just for Search Engines?

While some web users will find their way through your site by following navigation links or by using the search box, others will turn to your Site Map. If you have an AWSM Site Map, it will not only be useful to the search engines, but to your human visitors as well by having both text and thumbnails of your web pages for easy access to your entire site.

How can I check if my pages have been indexed?

Once we have created and uploaded your Site Map and a link has been placed to it on every page of your web site, we offer services for submitting both your homepage and your AWSM Site Map page to the search engines. Additionally, we can expedite the process for search engines to crawl and index the web site. In the case of Google, the largest search engine, this happens approximately once a month.

My web site is small. Do I really need a AWSM Site Map?

Even if your website is small, adding an AWSM Site Map is very important for your visitors and especially for the search engine robots.

We have made the AWSM Site Map most attractive to the search engine robots and your human visitors by including thumbnail screen shots of web pages and descriptive text and links to each page. When you make it easy to search engine robots to move around on your site, you increase your chances of being favourably listed in their search results.

Is there other optimization that I can do on my web site to make the AWSM Site Map work even better?

Yes, we have an optimization tips manual that outlines what you can do to maximize the effectiveness of the AWSM SiteMap which you’ll receive free with your order.

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