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Generate sitemaps for your website, be that HTML or perhaps XML Google sitemaps.

Rich template support for generating sitemaps and near-endless scanning options. The scanning engine stores vast amounts of data so that you can, among other things, view full report on broken and redirected links (wherefrom and whereto). This data is e.g. used when generating Google XML sitmaps (e.g. when defining priority).

Bonus tools include an integrated FTP client. This allows you to FTP upload your sitemaps.

It is possible to automate and control A1 Sitemap Generator through the command line. This means you can have a task scheduler (e.g. scripts or batch files) to launch A1 Sitemap Generator at given intervals. You can automate tasks such as scan website, build sitemap and FTP sitemap upload.

  • View all files and links found by the website crawler.
  • Quickly see which internal and external links are broken.
  • Check from where, and how many times, a file is linked.
  • See and check from where files (e.g. images) are used as source.
  • Use this as an advanced link validation / link chekker tool.
  • HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. Most webpages mainly consist of HTML.
  • CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. Many websites use this to style appearance.
  • You can W3C validate HTML and CSS files on the internet, localhost, LAN and disk.
  • Set how many columns your sitemap should have.
  • Select from various predefined rich sitemap templates.
  • Various extended options of how pathes, titles, etc. appear in the sitemap.
  • Define your own sitemap code generation templates with over 20 fields for code output.
  • Create simple text and advanced website XML sitemap using Google sitemap protocol.
  • By building a Google XML sitemap, you can help search engines index and map your site.
  • Scan and crawl local and online pages on internet, localhost, LAN, CD-ROM / DVD and disks.
  • Scan static and dynamic websites. Can also handle dynamic CMS / database generated sites.
  • Use multiple simultaneous connections / threads to optimize the website crawler speed.
  • Crawl and index all kinds of references including frames, stylesheets, javascripts and images.
  • Retrieve sitemap data acroos multiple domains by using "root alias" and multiple crawler pathes.

- A1 Sitemap Generator - Single User License - $39.00
- A1 Sitemap Generator - 2 License Pack - $69.00
- A1 Sitemap Generator - 5 License Pack - $149.00
- A1 Sitemap Generator - 10 License Pack - $249.00

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