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Shopping Cart Features

  • Ordering Process
    - Sell up to 10,000 regular products online
    - Sell up to 10,000 recurring products online
    - Calculate shipping & sales tax
    - Offer coupons & discounts
    - Customers receive email receipts
    - Print invoices & packing slips
    - Export order information
  • Setup & Integration
    - Quick and easy integration
    - Sign up and log into your account
    - Configure your shopping cart
    - Create your product link codes
    - Insert the links into your online catalog
    - Test your links - you are done!
    - Send traffic to your site and sell!
  • eBook & Digital Product Delivery
    - Integrates with ANY eBook software or PDF compiler so your customers can download digital products quickly and easily
    - Securely deliver files to your customers instantly upon credit card authorization
    - Distributes usernames, passwords, etc.
    - Upload your eBook or digital products to our servers and save on bandwidth charges!
    - We deliver your products via our secure, high-speed connections
    - Sell .exe, .pdf, .doc, .mp3 files and more!
    - Customized confirmation emails sent to the client
  • Sales Reports & Analysis
    - Sales by date
    - Sales by clients
    - Sales by card type
    - Product sales by item
    - Product sales by date
    - Product sales by ad campaign
    - Product sales by affiliates
    - Taxes by date
    - Export sales report data easily!
    - Export order information reports
    - Export affiliate commission reports
  • Online Contact Management
    - Powerful database maintains information for prospects, clients and affiliates
    - Search, edit and add new clients anytime
    - Import/Export your client records anytime
    - Send email to your entire database
    - Maintain customer phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and more
  • Customer Service & Support
    - Free telephone, technical support
    - Email technical support
    - Online user guide
    - Online video tutorials
    - Knowledge-base research
    - Extensive FAQ’s
    - Online demos
  • Design & Layout
    - Customize your look & feel
    - Add up-sell messages to your view cart and order form pages
    - Add a shopping cart to multiple web sites
    - Express checkout
    - Customize your headers & footers
    - Customize your order form colors and borders
    - Customize your view cart & order form pages
  • Product Creation System
    - eBooks & digital products
    - Create regular and recurring products
    - Customized thank you & catalog pages
    - Assign autoresponders to products
    - Regular and one-click "Buy Me" links
    - Create affiliate commissions per product
    - Import/Export product information
  • Shipping & Tax Calculations
    - Setup state sales tax
    - Setup country sales tax
    - Integrates with Fedex, DHL, Canada Post, UPS & USPS
    - State & country sales tax rates
    - Create custom sales tax labels
    - Charge sales tax before or after shipping
    - Update product shipping charges automatically
  • Security & Protection
    - CISP/PCI Shopping Cart Software - Among the first to be fully certified by Visa
    - Secure HTTPS/SSL encryption
    - Password-protected administration login area
    - Time-limited access for clients to download digital products prevents copyright theft
    - Spam checker for your marketing emails

Payment Gateway Processing Services

  • 1ShoppingCart is compatible with all of these major online credit card processors
    - IntelliPay
    - PSiGate
    - Authorize.Net or eCheck.Net
    - Internet Secure
    - Bank of America
    - IONgate
    - Right Connect
    - BluePay
    - iTransact
    - RTWare WebLink
    - BLUEPAY2
    - LinkPoint / YOURPAY
    - SecurePay
    - Concord EFSNET
    - MCPS
    - SHIFT4
    - Cybercash
    - Merchant Partners
    - SkipJack
    - CyberSource
    - StrataPay
    - DPI
    - Moneris 2.0
    - Echo
    - NetBanx
    - TrustCommerce
    - eCommerce Exchange (ECX)
    - NetBilling
    - USA EPAY
    - Epoch/Paycom
    - uSight
    - ePoint
    - Verepay
    - EPP/GoRealtime
    - Paymentech
    - Veri Payment
    - eProcessing Network
    - PayReady
    - Verisign PayFlow Link
    - EPS SecureNet
    - PayStream
    - Verisign PayFlow Pro
    - EWAY
    - PaySystems Pro (RevEcom)
    - ViaKlix (Nova)
    - EZNP Internet Solutions
    - PlanetPayment
    - ViaKlix - 2
    - Fast Transact
    - Plug n Pay
    - VirtualCard
    - FirePay
    - WorldPay*
    - iAuthorizer
    - Processing Net
    - WorldPay Invisible
    - iBill

* Does not integrate with our recurring billing system

Internet Marketing Tools You Need To Succeed

  • Mailing List Programs
    - Keep in touch with your customers 24/7
    - Use forms to harvest newsletter subscribers!
    - Generate an unlimited number of online newsletters, then send them out to clients, prospects and affiliates alike!
    - Maintain email and contact information for prospects, clients and affiliates
    - Send test messages to preview your emails
    - Automatic notification of new subscribers
    - Incredible delivery speeds designed to handle over 1 million messages per hour
    - Bounced email manager
    - Email a group of people or your entire database
  • Email Broadcasting Service
    - Send email messages and sales letters to your customers, prospects, affiliates or your entire database of clients!
    - Unlimited broadcast emailing capabilities
    - Create text, HTML or MIME email messages
    - Schedule when to send your emails to your database
    - Easy to use Ezine/Newsletter management
    - Automatically flags invalid email addresses
  • Autoresponder Email Programs
    - Unlimited email autoresponders
    - Unlimited follow-ups via autoresponder
    - HTML or Plain Text messages
    - Personalized email messages
    - Automatically identifies undeliverable emails Product-specific autoresponders Real-time tracking for opt-ins and unsubscribes Spam-Score your emails before sending
  • Ad Tracking Tools & Statistics
    - 1ShoppingCart’s Ad Tracking Software shows you what ads are working for you!
    - Create unlimited ad tracking campaigns
    - Create unlimited "split-testing" campaigns
    - Track email, Internet and affiliate ads
    - Test and track links on your website
  • Affiliate Program Tracking Software
    - Sign up an unlimited number of affiliates
    - Create & Manage multiple affiliate programs
    - Associate different products for each program
    - Generate & print affiliate commission reports
    - Pay affiliates via check or PayPal
    - Email your affiliates 24/7
    - Affiliate training with marketing tools
    - Add/import/export affiliates when you like
    - Import/export existing database
    - Real-time reporting for you and your affiliates
    - Pay by product, affiliate, sales, clicks or leads
    - Single or two-tiered commissions
    - Recurring commissions support
    - Customize commission rate for each affiliate
    - Custom destination URL for each affiliate
    - Auto-Generation of banner link codes
    - Customize affiliate pages and emails (Header and Footer files)
    - Send email broadcasts or updates to your affiliates
    - Export affiliate commissions to QuickBooks
    - Credit affiliates for offline sales
    - Turn on/off sale notification message to affiliates
    - Control email messages to new affiliates
    - Affiliate interface customization
    - Support for multiple website’s
    - Affiliate Media Center for offering and distributing marketing collateral to your affiliates.
  • Up-Sell Modules
    - "Would you like fries with that?" Increase your sales revenues by offering your customers other products (for sale) automatically, every time they buy! This marketing module is a winner and increases your sales!
  • Questionnaire Features
    - Want to know what your customers’ interests are? Ask them! 1ShoppingCart’s Quesionnaire Wizard lets you easily generate web forms to ask customers, prospects and affiliates alike a number of key questions, helping you to make the sale, close the sale or perform general or advanced market research.
  • Custom Forms & Opt-In Boxes
    - Create unlimited custom forms to be used on your web site to collect visitors’ names and email addresses
    - Automatically add form subscribers to an autoresponder series
    - Choose where to redirect your clients after signing up
    - Email just the people that fill in forms
  • Pop-Up Wizard
    - Grab your customers’ attention to generate revenue and interest in something special you want to offer them the second they come to your web site! You can generate your own popup window messages in a matter of seconds with our popup wizard software.
    - Use it to load your questionnaire form to get users to join your mailing list so you can send them a follow-up, weeks or even months after their initial visit to your site.
    - Use it to promote other people’s products and services so you can earn money from referrals.
    - Use it to inspire your visitors to buy a special offer you have.

Integrated Shopping Cart - Features & Pricing

Whether you need a shopping cart, an affiliate program, ebook delivery system, ad tracking software, questionnaires and surveys, autoresponders or other Internet marketing tools, we have what you need to succeed online. Plain and simple! Thousands of clients and the top Internet Marketers have have already said so, over and over again...

Determine Your Business Needs

When it comes to choosing the right eCommerce package for your business, simply determine what you need to get started right now by asking yourself the following questions. Keep in mind, you can always upgrade your plan at any time.

  • Packages availables :
    - Auto Responder Package : US$ 29.00/monthly or US$ 299.00/Yearly
    - Starter Package : US$ 29.00/monthly or US$ 299.00/Yearly
    - Basic Package : US$ 49.00/monthly or US$ 499.00/Yearly
    - Professional Package : US$ 79.00/monthly or US$ 799.00/Yearly
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