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* 1AutomationWiz Basic Pack 2006/12 Web-Based Service 1AutomationWiz Inc US$49.95


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Now You Can Automate Your Shopping Cart, Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Digital Delivery, Ad Tracking & Affiliate Program!

  • Imagine a ecommerce shopping cart that automatically handles your online orders!
  • Smart autoresponders that follow up on new sales and leads to builds trust and repeat business.
  • Our Affiliate tracking software boosts profits and our "digital delivery system" makes selling ebooks, mp3 files or any other digital product super simple.
  • And there is NO programming required or complicated software to install!

The Basic Pack

Advanced Ecommerce Performance for any web based business!

The "Basic Package" is identical to the "Pro" package in many ways except that it DOES NOT include the "Upsell and Electronic Coupon" shopping cart modules, Affiliate Program Software module, Digital Delivery Module or the Tell-A-Friend forms.

However, you still get unlimited "smart" autoresponders, unlimited email broadcasting, brandable questionnaire, survey and custom web forms, and of course, ad tracking!

This is an excellent package to start with if you don’t plan on rolling out an affiliate program right away. Many of our users started out with this package first and then upgraded later as their businesses grew.

1AutomationWiz works as your "Virtual Sales Team" while you’re out relaxing on the beach, spending time with your kids, or out seeing a movie:

- Your web page shopping cart takes credit card orders online 24/7, and can even make upsell offers to your customers for other products you sell — automatically. Research shows that approximately 30% of customers will upgrade their order if asked.

- Digital products like e-books in software are delivered securely in just seconds — automatically. Our system protects your intellectual property so your buyers CAN’T share your download link and give your product away for free.

- The system broadcasts personalized html e-mail messages to your subscribers and customers automatically any time you want. By personalizing your e-mail with your subscribers name your e-mail address your message is much more likely to be read!

- Custom automated e-mail follow-ups are sent on schedule at predetermined intervals that you decide. Set up as many different auto responder series as you need, each with it’s own follow-up schedule.

- All new orders, leads and prospects are automatically entered in your secure database without you having to lift a finger. Saves you time, and gives you a complete record all your customers prospect leads.

- Build and manage a network of hundreds, perhaps thousands of new affiliates all eager to sell your products on the Web. Easy Web based interface gives you the tools to help your affiliates multiply your sales.
- Easily test and track your advertising, leads, return on investment (ROI) and even search engine traffic in real time. Now you’ll know exactly which advertisements are profitable and worth repeating.
- Quickly and easily manage all of your opt in subscriber lists with just a click of a button. No more juggling between e-mail lists and databases.

- Track inventory for your fulfillment house and calculate shipping charges in real time for FedEx/UPS/USPS. Simple point and click inventory tracking and customer shipping calculations makes it easy to know exactly where your balance sheet stands.

- Move subscribers from any e-mail followed sequence and add them to a different follow up sequence or series — automatically. Eliminates all confusion trying to sort out "who got what and when" on your mailing lists.

- Enhanced FRAUD Prevention for Online Merchants with our new IP Blocking. We track the user’s IP address to help prevent fraud and to insure against charge backs. You can even BLOCK known or problem IP addresses.

- Advanced Broadcast Email Tracking - Supercharge your marketing! Now when you send an HTML broadcast, you will not only have statistics on how many people opened your broadcast, you can also see exactly WHO opened your broadcast!

1AutomationWiz Pricing Plan

  • Starter Pack - US$29.95/month or US$299/annually
  • Basic Pack - US$49.95/month or US$499/annually
  • Pro Pack - US$79.95/month or US$799/annually
1AutomationWiz Inc [did also : 1AutomationWiz Pro Pack , 1AutomationWiz Starter Pack ]
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